Center for Education & Research on Therapeutics

The Houston CERT is a Research Center with an overarching vision of supporting and empowering consumers of healthcare through informed decision-making. The overall mission of the Houston CERT is to develop a program of excellence to improve consumers’ awareness of the benefits and risks of therapeutics through research, education and dissemination, by targeting consumers and their providers.

We have developed a strategic plan for the next five years with the following specific operational aims:


  • To establish the infrastructure for an interdisciplinary research center of excellence to conduct and support research and educational initiatives related to health communication and decision-making for patients and consumers.  
  • To develop a comprehensive research program to evaluate methods, implementation and outcomes of health communication strategies.
    This aim will be achieved by:
    • Developing the methodological infrastructure to support investigator-initiated efforts in these areas (e.g. assistance with grant proposals, collaborative efforts, contribution of resources)
    • Conducting four demonstration projects
  • To establish a Consumer Health Advisory Information Network (CHAIN) to deploy a system for rapid response to emerging therapeutic issues.
  • To disseminate and implement the information developed by the research center.


Patient Education

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