CHAIN & Dissemination

Consumer Health Advisory Information Network (CHAIN)

Lead Investigator: Michael Fordis, M.D., Director of the Center for Collaborative and Interactive Technologies and Senior Associate Dean, Baylor College of Medicine

The broad goals of the CHAIN activity are identified as:

  • Identifying priority areas for surveillance of emerging therapeutics
  • Identifying and selecting appropriate methodologies and media for the dissemination of information produced by the research center
  • Planning educational activities and scientific workshops

Specific aims:

  • Establish and refine a surveillance process for identifying: 
    • New data on use, side effects, risks and benefits of therapeutic agents
    • Bbest available evidence relevant to the pharmacotherapeutic agent that is the subject of emerging therapeutic strategies in ameliorating specific diseases and conditions
    • Consumer-related questions and concerns about their therapeutic products and services that are available via prescription or through over-the-counter sales.
  • Develop educational initiatives and resources for physicians and other healthcare providers that offer informational and instructional programming via the Internet-based website-including those designed for use with consumers on key therapeutic issues identified through the surveillance process.
  • Disseminate educational resources to support:
    • Self-directed learning of patients and physicians
    • The instruction of patients mediated by physicians
    • The instruction of healthcare professionals in practice and in training
  • Provide instruction and support for healthcare professionals in training and in practice, as well as for patients and their families, to optimize the decision-making process involving both patients and physicians regarding specific pharmacotherapeutics and alternative strategies.
  • Launch a process for phased implementation of an outcome oriented evaluation strategy for assessing the impact of the CHAIN initiative.


  • Complete prototype construction, testing and finalization of the RDR component of the CHAIN website and begin delivery of educational and informational programming appropriate to the needs of target audiences
  • Implement the collaborative project on ACE inhibitor use and gather data needed to establish operating protocols that can be used in enhancing future collaborative activities
  • Test and refine the model for standardizing the information delivery structure and identify strategies for accommodating informational needs that may not conform easily to the model
  • Continue to explore, with AHRQ and the FDA, ways in which to use CHAIN effectively as a resource that complements and/or adds value to other informational initiatives currently operating through Federal agencies, other CERTs, and/or other relevant public or private organizations
  • Define further levels of interest in a CERTs Dissemination Platform (CDP) that might address issues that cross CERT boundaries, direct audiences to relevant CERT informational resources offered through various CERT partners, and provide support for shared developmental and assessment strategies and resources that leverage the CERT investment in generating results that provide a clear measure of the impact of the overall CERT program

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