Center for Biomolecular Structure and Function

The mission of the Center for Biomolecular Structure and Function (CBSF) is to provide a focal point, scientific expertise and resources to researchers allowing the understanding of the underlying biochemical, chemical and structural mechanisms of complex biological processes.

Users of the CBSF

Typically the CBSF will serve basic scientists and clinicians from MD Anderson, the Texas Medical Center and the wider Gulf Coast Consortia, an organization of several local research institutions promoting collaborative research.

Goals of the CBSF

  • To transform the scientific understanding of biological problems to incorporate the detailed mechanistic understanding that results from structural and biophysical data input.
  • To allow collaborating scientists to undertake high risk, high reward projects with minimal negative consequences to their research programs.
  • To serve as a mechanism to attract outstanding structural biologists/biophysicists, chemists and biochemists to MD Anderson and the Texas Medical Center.
  • To enhance the reputation of MD Anderson (and the Texas Medical Center) basic science and to bring recognition to the institutions involved regarding their involvement in cutting edge, high profile structure-chemistry-function studies.
  • CBSF Structure

  • CBSF Committee: Senior scientists who are responsible for the scientific direction, scientific and budgetary decisions and educational component of the CBSF. Steering committee responsible to oversee activities including activities of Protein Production Group, regular scientific meetings, funding opportunities and interactions with Gulf Coast Consortium.
  • Director: Senior scientist who is responsible for overseeing running of CBSF activities and interfacing with CBSF staff.
  • Members: Researchers, who have expertise in one or more areas of structure, chemistry and function, and are willing to 
    • collaborate with faculty from clinical, translational, basic science departments and other Centers.
    • participate in the educational component of the CBSF.
  • Collaborators: MD Anderson/Texas Medical Center Researchers, who want to utilize the expertise of members of the CBSF in order to understand the structure-function relationship of a given protein or macromolecular complex.

Protein Production Group

A standalone entity under the guidance of the CBSF functioning to produce protein for scientific community within MD Anderson, the Texas Medical Center and the wider Gulf Coast Consortia.

Protein Production Group

Protein Production

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