Molecular and Human Genetics Research Laboratory

To schedule use of the following equipment, contact Hank Adams, Laboratory Manager,713-834-6373, or

  • Nikon 80i Microscope System:  An upright motorized microscope configured for bright-field and fluorescence imaging. It is equipped with a motorized stage for stitching together large scans and can acquire 3-D images of fluorescently labeled samples. MDACC S13.8227.

  • Instrumedics CryoJane Transfer System:  A device for generating wrinkle-free frozen sections of bone tissue and other difficult to section tissues. This device is installed on cryostat. MDACC S11.8211.

  • Leica Glass Knife holder and accessories, including sapphire knife for cutting plastic embedded specimens. Installed on a Leica motorized microtome. MDACC S15.8405.