Bioethics Internship

The Bioethics Initiative internship is an introduction to the field of bioethics, with a primary focus on its application in the clinical setting. In a bioethics class, topics will be addressed through lectures and presentations, videos and handouts. Class discussions will be based on the readings, hypothetical and real clinical cases, and student responses. Research, the other aim of the internship, is conducted under guidance of  a mentor.

The classroom and clinical observation portion of the internship track requires 72 hours (15% of the total internship time): 48 clinical hours, plus 20 hours of class, and about four other education opportunities. Read More

Bioethics Fellowship

The Bioethics Initiative fellowship will be tailored to each individual fellow based upon previous training and experience, as well as future goals. The curriculum will include advanced topics in health care ethics, research ethics and equity in health care. Candidates will learn how to integrate their previously mastered skills with other scholarly approaches to produce multi-dimensional analyses of bioethical research problems focused on equity. 

This track requires 40 hours per week for four semesters (15 months). Integrated Ethics class and clinical observation hours total 20% of time. Read More