Alopecia Areata Registry

The purpose of the study is to create a national registry of people with alopecia areata. A large, centralized database of information from patients and family members will help researchers discover what causes the disease and how to prevent it, and to develop more effective treatments. Genetic analysis of alopecia areata is only possible with a large and diverse group of participants.

Blood samples, digital photographs of the scalp and other clinical data are being collected from study participants at MD Anderson and university-based medical centers in Denver, Minneapolis, New York City and San Francisco. The goal is to obtain blood samples and saliva samples from 2,500 alopecia areata patients and their families. No treatments will be administered during this study. It is for the purpose of data collection only.

MD Anderson has been gathering patient information, blood samples and other medical procedures since fall 2001. To find out if you are eligible for the study, e-mail us at, or call Joyce Osei, MPH, MHA (Coordinator, Clinical Research) at 1-866-837-1050.