Supporting Grants

The PET Development Laboratory is supported in part by:

  • NIH-CA58980 PHS Grant: A Convertible PET Camera for Oncology
  • NIH-CA61880 PHS Grant: Low-Cost, High-Resolution PET Detector Development
  • NIH-CA76246 PHS Grant: High-Speed Gamma Camera Development
  • NIH-CA58980S PHS Grant
  • NIH-EB01481 PHS Grant: Ultra-High-Resolution Transformable PET Camera
  • NIH-EB00217 PHS Grant: A Convertible PET Camera for Oncology
  • NIH-EB01038 PHS Grant: Inexpensive, High-Resolution Detector Development
  • NIH-NIBIB EB004840 Grant: Development of a Low Cost High Performance Animal
  • NIH-2R01EB001038A1 PHS Grant: A lower Cost High Resolution Time-of-flight PET Detector Development (Time-of-flight)
  • U.S. Army-Breast Cancer Research Grant: A High Resolution Clinical PET with Breast and Whole-Body Transfiguration
  • Texas Advanced Technology/Research Program Grant
  • UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Institutional Research Grant (IRG, former PRS): Development of a Low-Cost, High-Performance PET Camera
  • Mike Hogg Foundation: Development of a High-Resolution PET Camera for Earlier Cancer Detection and More Accurate Cancer Staging. 2000-2001
  • Taiwan Institute for Nuclear Energy Research (INER) LS2007-00020504DH: Positron Emission Mammography Camera (PEM)