Positron Emission Mammography (PEM)

PEM Camera

In 2008, we successfully completed the construction of a lower-cost, high-sensitivity and high-resolution positron emission mammography (PEM) camera. This camera is based on the PMT-Quadrant-Sharing (PQS) concept that was first used in construction of MDAPET human camera:

  • Photomultiplier-Quadrant-Sharing detector design

and the SSB technique that was first introduced in construction of HOTPET human camera for building the detector blocks more efficiently:

  • Slab-sandwich-slice (SSS) production technique

The PEM camera consists of two detector modules with the planar detector bank of 12x20 cm2. Each bank has 60 PMT-Quadrant-Sharing blocks with two types of geometries arranged in a 10x6 array. One type block is the symmetric 19.36x19.36 mm2 one made of 1.5x1.5x10 mm3 LYSO crystals in 12x12 array. The other type is the 12x13 asymmetric elongated block made of 1.5x1.9x10 mm3 LYSO crystals.

PEM Detector Bank Geometries and Dimensions

PEM Module Inner Structure

PEM Detector Module Assembly

PEM Assembled System

PEM Working Mode

PEM Storage Mode

PEM Camera and Two Patient Positions

PEM Axillary Position

PEM Normal Position