Micro PET-CT Camera

After success operation of the prototype MDAPET Camera, we developed a low-cost, high-sensitivity and high-resolution dedicated animal PET camera (RRPET). In 2006, we successfully completed the construction of the RRPET camera and it was then commercialized as the world’s first animal PET-CT (XPET) scanner. This camera is based on the PQS concept that was first used in construction of MDAPET Camera

and the SSB technique that was first introduced in construction of HOTPET Human Camera for building the detector blocks more efficiently:

  • Slab-sandwich-slice (SSS) production technique

The RRPET camera consists of 180 BGO (Bismuth Germanate) blocks arranged in 48 rings.

See RRPET specifications, RRPET images and RRPET performance.