HOTPET Human Camera

After success operation of the prototype MDAPET human camera, we designed a full size transformable PET camera (HOTPET). In 2007, we successfully completed the construction of HOTPET which is currently the highest resolution whole-body PET scanner in the world, surpassing the commercial PET scanners. This camera is based on two concepts that were used in construction of MDAPET Camera:

  • Photomultiplier-Quadrant-Sharing detector design
  • Variable-geometry gantry configuration for optimal imaging of both smaller objects such as the brain, breast or animal, and larger ones such as the whole body
    In addition, for construction of this camera we introduced a new technique for building the detector blocks more efficiently:
  • Slab-sandwich-slice (SSS) production technique.

The HOTPET camera consists of 12 independent modules. Each module can be rotated and translated radially to alter the camera opening to optimize patient opening and camera sensitivity. So, the HOTPET scanner can operate in several configurations as shown in the figure.

See HOTPET Specifications, HOTPET Brain Scan Images and HOTPET Performance.