Recombinant Antibody Production Core

Antibody Request Form (PDF)

Monoclonal antibodies are a central tool for epigenetic research. However, limited quantities, inconsistent quality – particularly with ChIP-seq – and the lack of modification-specific antibodies have impeded progress. Single-cell cloning technology allows B cells expressing antigen-specific antibodies to be purified directly from immunized mice via FACS. Immunoglobulin genes are amplified from single cells, cloned into expression vectors and antibodies are produced in vitro.

This project is in the pilot phase. We have successfully cloned and produced antibodies from single cells and are optimizing isolation of specific antibodies, which we expect to produce in the near future. As part of the pilot phase we are collaboratively developing antibodies to targets that are useful to Center for Cancer Epigenetics members at MD Anderson.

Advantages of this technology over traditional hybridoma monoclonal production include: 

  • Potential for limitless supply with consistent quality 
  • Reconfiguration or fusion of epitope tags, fluorescent protein or HRP   
  • Better suited to producing modification-specific antibodies, since screening can potentially occur prior to cloning and production