Krishnan Laboratory

Nanotechnology and molecular therapeutics are the major next-generation technologies that will drive cancer therapy in the coming decades. 

Our laboratory research incorporates 3 broad areas of interest:

  1. Developing nanoparticle-based molecular imaging probes to facilitate image-guided therapy;
  2. Identifying means to sensitize tumors to radiation therapy using metallic nanoparticles to generate radiation dose-enhancement and/or hyperthermia, and 
  3. Understanding the role of dietary botanicals as radiation modifying agents in rectal and pancreatic cancer and translating these findings into new treatment options.

We advance these multi-disciplinary paradigms with an eclectic mix of chemists, biologists, engineers and clinicians working in close harmony. We also collaborate extensively with other laboratories not only in the Medical Center but also at other universities both in Texas and outside.

Our research has won several accolades, with prestigious grants, press coverage and significant publications.

Contact Us

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd, Unit #066
Houston, TX 77030

Location: Y6.6071
Lab phone: 713-745-5260