Irradiating Mouse Embryos for p53 Expression


Note: E8.5-E10.5 embryos;137Cs irradiation chamber

  1. Irradiate mice with 5 Grey.

    p53 mRNA: Increased by 100 minutes
    Protein expression: Increased by 6 hours
  2. Place a single mouse in plastic cylinder and lock down with plastic lid so mouse lies flat. Place into irradiation chamber and cover with metal disc.
  3. To determine timing for 5 Grey, it is helpful to have a chart for the chamber that gives rads/min by month and year.

    For example: May 2008 = 151 rad/min. 5 Grey = 500 rads. So for May 2008, 3.31min exposure is needed.
  4. To set wall timer, follow directions on side of metal casing.
  5. Crank cover over irradiation chamber. Contact will cause timer to begin counting down.
  6. When timer is done, open chamber and remove mouse.

Be sure to clean out cylinder when done.