Lab Members

Blaine Bartholomew, PhD









Saurabh K. Bhardwaj, Graduate Student
Originally from India
B.Sc (Biotechnology), Panjab University, India
M.Sc (Biotechnology), Panjab University, India
Research interests: Mechanism of chromatin remodeling by the ISWI family of remodelers in yeast, including ISW1a, ISW1b and ISW2.
Other interests: Playing cricket, chess and tennis.




Sandipan Brahma, Graduate Student
Originally from Kolkata (Calcutta), India 
B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Microbiology from the University of Calcutta.
Research interests: Using chemical biology approaches to understand how different remodeling complexes interact with DNA in the context of nucleosomes and to decipher the ISWI mechanism of remodeling.
Other interests: I am a musician and passionate about food and cooking!



Rashmi Prasad, Graduate Student
Originally from India
B.Sc (Honours) Physiology, Presidency College, Kolkata, India
M.Sc Biophysics and Molecular Biology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India
Research Interests: The role of histone chaperone Nap1 in regulating chromatin remodeling and disassembly by the SWI/SNF family of chromatin remodelers.


Yuan-Chi Lin, MS, Graduate Student
M.S. in Molecular Biology, University of Southern Mississippi
Research interests: Roles the ISW2 catalytic subunit's C-terminal domains in nucleosome remodeling in yeast.




Soumyadipta Kundu, Graduate Student
B.Tech in Biotechnology (2009, West Bengal University of Technology)
Research interests: Mapping chromatin remodeler–nucleosome interactions by conjugating photocrosslinkers to specific residues on the exposed octamer surface in order to identify remodeler subunits that interact with the octamer. In vitro and in vivo roles of distinct domains in the catalytic subunit of SWI/SNF (Snf2).



Solomon G Hailu, Graduate Student 
Originally from Eritrea, East Africa
B.Sc. in Biology (Graduated with Distinction), University of Asmara, Asmara, Eritrea
M.Sc. in Zoology (Population Genetics), Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Research interests: Molecular mechanisms governing chromatin remodeling complexes (SWI/SNF and ISWI) and how they regulate transcription in vivo using biochemical, genetic, genomic and bioinformatic approaches.
Other interests: Latin music and salsa dancing, architecture and computer programming.


Arjan Hada, Graduate Research Assistant
Originally from Nepal
Education: in Biotechnology, Kathmandu University, Nepal
Research interests: Mechanism of nucleosome remodeling by ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers.





Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Postdoctoral Fellow
Originally from Italy
Master's in Biology, University of Naples Frederico II
Ph.D. in Molecular Carcinogenesis, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Research interests: Understanding the role of aberrant SWI/SNF complexes in cancer (in vivo studies with mouse models and mouse ES cells.
Other interests: Reading, cooking, salsa dancing and gardening.




Gilberto Guerrero, Research Assistant
Originally from Brownsville, TX
B.S. in Microbiology (minor in Chemistry)
Research interests: Regulation of chromatin remodelers, particularly in the SnAC domain of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex.
Other interests: Playing sports (basketball, tennis, soccer), triathlons, exploring new cuisines.