Arur Lab News



Congratulations to the Skeath (at WashU in St. Louis) and Arur Labs for the publication of the story on regulation of Dis3 to control cell cycle progression!


New grant! Congratulations to Swathi for being awarded the Anna Fuller Foundation Scholar Award.



Congratulations to Henry and Jessica! Our latest collaborative paper, with the Shvartsman group at Princeton University, describing a mathematical model on ERK activation dynamics in the C. elegans germ line is published in Biophysical Journal!


New Grant!!! Congratulations to the lab on getting a new three year CPRIT Award on Investigating the RAS/ERK Substrate Network!!


Welcome Cedric to Lab!


Check out our latest review in Worm on the context dependent regulation of Dicer activity during oocyte to embryo transition.


Caitlyn presented her beautiful summer internship research at the CPRIT Summer Scholars Poster Competition. Congratulations to Caitlyn on a very successful internship!


We had a great time showing high school students C. elegans, as part of GSBS Outreach! Each student got to take home their very own C. elegans!

Kenny wins the Genes and Development, Cookie Decorating Contest- yuhu!

        "Meiotic intermediate"


Congratulations to Jessica for being named the Genetics Society of America Poster Winner at the 20th International C. elegans Meeting, held in UCLA from June 24-28th, 2015.


Congratulations to Jessica, for winning the best Talk award at the Genes and Development and Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis Joint Spring Retreat!


Congratulations to Jessica for being awarded the Dean's Excellence Scholarship for her graduate work!



Our paper on Dicer regulation by ERK was just picked as Editors Choice at Science Signaling!

Congratulations to the lab and our wonderful collaborators on  unraveling the impact of ERK mediated phosphorylation on Dicer function, published in Developmental Cell, with an accompanying Commentary.
Our article has been recommended by the Faculty of 1000, check it out.  F1000 Prime Recommended


Congratulations to Kin Suen and John Ladbury, on Kin’s successful defense! Congratulations Dr. Suen.


Welcome Eri Furakawa to the lab!


Congratulations to Dr. Swathi Arur for being awarded the American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant.


Our paper describing the detailed protocol for generation of antibodies that detect highly specific post-tranlationally modified proteins in vivo is now published in Nature Protocols.



Congratulations to Dr. Swathi Arur for the Outstanding Faculty Member Award from the Genes and Development Program.

Welcome Tokiko Furuta to the lab!

Congratulations to Kenny for winning the Pre-candicacy Research Achievement Award from the Genes and Development Program. 

Check this out! Our paper on the role of DAF-2 / insulin like signaling was uploaded today at the Developmental Cell website.