How Much Does It Cost?

UT Television is a cost recovery department, so our services are not free; however, as faculty or staff at MD Anderson, the cost is less than comparable, high-quality video production companies in Houston. Part of our service includes helping you prepare a budget, and then working with you to achieve your objectives within that budget.

How UT Television Video Projects Work

We will schedule a preliminary meeting with you to discuss your needs and expectations. Then we will follow up with a written proposal and cost estimate. If you like the proposal, a producer will be assigned to the project to begin the production process.

First Things to Consider

  • Determine the purpose of your video
  • Identify your target audience
  • Estimate the desired length of video
  • In what context will the video be seen? Will the video be used as part of a live presentation, or in conjunction with brochures or manuals, or as a stand-alone program?
  • Do you have a conception for how the final product should "look and feel"?
  • What is your budget range?

Items That Will Affect Your Budget

The scope of work, number of personnel, amount of equipment and time required to produce your project determines the budget, specifically:

  • Type of video production - documentation of an actual live event vs. script-to-screen production
  • Scripting needs - who writes the script, you or us
  • Number of locations - how many different locations and production set-ups will there be
  • Program content - how it will be visualized and what is necessary to acquire those images
  • Scheduling - availability of content experts and other on-camera program participants
  • Equipment requirements - cameras, lighting, microphones, etc.
  • Number of production personnel - writer, producer, director, camera operators, audio technicians, grips/production assistants, editors, graphic artists, engineers
  • Graphics - illustrative and text based
  • Editing - simple versus complex
  • Talent - professional talent versus other
  • Format - videotape, CD, DVD, podcast and/or web
  • Fulfillment - number of copies, what format, packaging requirements

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