Contact Information

How to Reach Us

Phone: 713-792-5017
Fax: 713-792-2984

Street Address

UT Television- FCT7.6020
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Pickens Academic Tower
1400 Pressler St
Houston, TX  77030-3722

Mailing Address
UT Television - Unit 1431
The University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center
P.O. Box 301402
Houston, TX  77230-1402

Driving Directions:

Starting from Bellaire Blvd./ Holcombe Blvd. eastbound toward Texas Medical Center:

  1. Follow Holcombe (Bellaire Blvd,) into the Texas Medical Center area and follow it to Entrance Marker 5.
  2. Turn right (south) at Entrance Marker 5 onto Bertner Avenue.
  3. Follow the signs to The Mays Clinic/CPB Garage.  

Walking Directions:

Starting from Mays Clinic/ CPB Garage near the Tree Sculpture:

  1. From Mays Clinic/CPB Garage, enter the Mays Clinic and follow signs to the Tree Sculpture.
  2. From the Tree Sculpture, look for the skybridge that takes you to Pickens Tower.
  3. Walk 1100 feet to Pickens Tower or ride the mini-shuttle across the skybridge.
  4. When you reach Pickens Tower you will be on Floor 3.
  5. Follow the signs to Elevator N in the lobby.
  6. Ride Elevator N to Floor 7 and then follow the signs to UT Television.

Who We Are

The UT Television staff is made up of professional writer/ producers, director/ videographer/ editors, a graphic artist, engineers and support staff who are all ready to serve you. This is not a staff of students. We have won numerous awards for our video programs, including HESCA (Health Sciences Communications Association), Telly and Cine Golden Eagle awards.

Director of Media Services
Victor J. Scott

Associate Director, TV Production
Glenn Challenger

Business Support Staff
Gail Davis

Jo LaCour

Video Director
Mark Adamcik

Video Director
James McEnelly

Assistant Videographer, Editor
Justin Back

Animation Coordinator, Video Production Support
Frank Castillo

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