Education and Training

PhD and MS graduate education program in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BBSB)P

  • Program directors Dr. Ram (Dept. of Systems Biology) and Dr. Shete (Dept. of Biostatistics)
  • Three tracts – (i) Biostatistics, (ii) Bioinformatics and (iii) Systems Biology
  • Students can pick a “major” and “minor”
  • 5-6 BBSB department funded incoming students per year in addition to those funded by GSBS – total anticipated new students (~6-10 per year)
    • Tailored curriculum
      • 3 required courses and rest electives

Summer Systems Biology Hands on Workshops

  • Externally funded from 2007 by an Interdisciplinary Bioscience Research and Training Grant from the Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC)
  • Held every summer for 1 week
  • Open to all trainees from the GCC institutions (MDACC, Rice, Baylor, UH, UTHSC, UTMB, A&M)
  • Receive 80-130 applicants each year
  • Select ~20 trainees (students, post-docs, medical fellows) per year
    • Trainees with a developed computational model and need biological data
    • Trainees with their own complex/big data (omics, time series etc)

Works in Progress

  • Trainees show data from projects “In Progress”  
  • Fosters intra-departmental collaboration
  • Promotes scientific knowledge sharing and dialogue among trainees

Trainee Seminar Series

  • Seminar presentation by invited faculty from outside institutions
  • Lunch with speaker and all trainees after seminar
  • Opportunity for trainees to network and learn about systems biology projects from outside MDACC faculty