NGS Services & Pricing

We provide a variety of experimental protocols for deep-sequencing of RNA or DNA samples, depending on the requirements of your experiments. In many cases, multiple samples can be successfully analyzed in each lane of the sequencing run. The multiplicity for a given lane is limited by the read depth required for your experiment. The following tables provide a guide to typical multiplicity and sequencing requirements for various kinds of experiments, the sample requirements of the Core, and estimated cost. For more detailed information, please call or e-mail to set up a meeting with Core staff. Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Our Services and Pricing:

Sample Requirements

ServiceSample TypeMinimum AmountMinimum
Differential Expression (TruSeq Stranded Total RNA)Total RNA1.5 µg100RIN>8.0DNase treatment
mRNA (TruSeq Stranded mRNA)Total RNA2 µg200RIN>8.0No DNase treatment required
Strand specific (Strand specific RNA-seq, Epicentre)Total RNA2 µg20RIN>8.0DNase treatment
Differential Expression (NuGEN Ovation RNA-seq)Total RNA0.5 µg20RIN>8.0DNase treatment
miRNATotal RNA2 µg200RIN>8.0No DNase treatment
ServiceSample TypeMinimum AmountMinimum CONCN (ng/µL)Quality/Additional Requirement
Human ExomeGenomic DNA2 µg15OD 260/280 1.8-2.0
Mouse ExomeGenomic DNA2 µg15OD 260/280 1.8-2.0
ChIP-seq (Diagenode kit)ChIP DNA2 ng0.1Fragmented
to 100-300 bp
ChIP-seq (Bioo kit)ChIP DNA2 ng0.05Fragmented
to 100-300 bp
ChIP-seq (KAPA kit)ChIP DNA20 ng0.25Fragmented
to 100-300 bp
 ServiceSample TypeMinimum AmountMinimum CONCN (ng/µL)QualityAdditional Rqmt.
DNA Methylation
Reduced Represen-tation Bisulfit Sequencing (RRBS)*Genomic DNA2 µg25OD260/280 1.8-2.0; OD260/230 >2.0High MW DNA on a gel image
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS)*Genomic DNA2 µg25OD260/280 1.8-2.0; OD260/230 >2.0High MW DNA on a gel image
*Note: Both RRBS and whole genome bisulfite sequencing libraries are prepared by the DNA Methylation Analysis Core and sequenced by the Science Park NGS Core.

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Typical Protocols and Costs

Service TypeSequencingMultiplicity (#/lane)Expected # ReadsCost/lane**
Differential Expression
(TruSeq Stranded Total RNA)
76 nt, paired end8


mRNA (TruSeq Stranded
76 nt, paired end8



Strand-specific (Epicentre)76 nt, paired end8>20M$3,020
Differential Expression
(NuGEN Ovation RNA-seq)
76 nt, paired end8>20M$4,236
Novel Transcript (TruSeq
Stranded Total RNA)
76 nt, paired end4>40M$2,516
miRNA*36 nt, single read12>8M$2,836
Human Exome76 nt, paired end4>40M$2,820
Mouse Exome76 nt, paired end4>40M$3,120
ChIP-seq36 nt, single read6>18MInquire
Reduced Representation
Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS)
36 nt, single read4>24M
(20X coverage)
Whole Genome Bisulfite
Sequencing (WGBS)
76 nt, paired end or
100 nt, paired end***

*Note:  miRNA samples can be typically multiplexed up to 48 samples per lane.
**Note: Cost/lane is calculated based on using HiSeq 2000.  This estimate will be different if HiSeq 2500 is used instead.
***Note: Depending on the size range of a prepared WGBS library.
The costs per lane are the sum of sample preparation and sequencing costs. Once you decide on the type of sequencing (read length, single or paired end) and on the multiplicity (number of samples per lane), the cost can be calculated from the parameters in the tables below. You can download a worksheet to help calculate the cost of a given experiment here.

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Sample Preparation Costs 

Sample Preparation

NGS User Group Member Price

MD Anderson Faculty non-NGS User Group Member Price

*External non-NGS User Group Member Price

RNA-seq (TruSeq Stranded Total RNA**)$254.19$391.30$572.30per sample
mRNA(TruSeq Stranded mRNA)$170.19$307.30$488.30per sample
Ultra Low Input RNA cDNA Synthesis (Clontech SMART-Seq v4)$162.00$202.00$256.00per sample
Library Prep for Ultra Low Input RNA (Illumina NexteraXT) (not including cDNA synthesis)$55.00$100.00$160.00per sample
TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep (for human RNA isolated from FFPE tissues)$275.00$444.00$672.00per sample
Strand-specific (Epicentre)$202.30$311.98$456.78per sample
RNA-seq (NuGEN Ovation System V2)$353.86$490.96$671.96per sample
microRNA-seq (Illumina kit)$176.34$286.03$430.83per sample
microRNA-seq (NEB kit)$122.80   per sample
ChIP-seq (Diagenode kit)$103.06$187.90$260.30per sample
ChIP-seq (Bioo kit)$126.96$236.65$381.45per sample
ChIP-seq (KAPA kit)$ 94.11$203.78$348.58per sample
Exome-seq$175.09$312.19$493.19per sample (not including capture)
Mouse exome capture$875.79$985.46$1,130.26per capture (1-4 samples/capture)
Human exome capture$566.19$675.86$820.66per capture (1-4 samples/capture)
Reduced Representation Bisulfite Seq (RRBS)$245  per sample
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS)$255  per library

* These prices are not including any overhead costs that may be collected by our Institution.

 ** Please contact Core staff for consultation on kit selection.

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Sequencing Costs

ServiceNGS User Group Member Price (per lane)MD Anderson Faculty non-NGS User Group Member Price (per lane)*External non-NGS User Group Member Price (per lane)
HiSeq 2000
36 bp, single read $ 838.19$1,082.67$1,173.17
76 bp, paired end$1,672.13$2,259.09$2,355.25 
100 bp, paired end$1,919.33$2,675.39$2,771.55 
HiSeq 2500
50 bp, single read$ 831.55 $1,059.29$1,285.54
76 bp, paired end$1,629.55$1,885.48$2,111.73
100 bp, paired end$1,865.55$2,172.21$2,398.46
150 bp, paired end$2,395.55$2,736.03$2,962.28
50 bp, single read (v2 chemistry)$948.99$1,160.13 $1,386.38
75 bp, paired end (v3 chemistry)$1,065.55$1,294.50$1,520.80
150 bp, single read (v3 chemistry)$1,065.55$1,294.50$1,520.80
150 bp, paired end (v2 chemistry)$1,202.19$1,514.13$1,740.38
300 bp, single read (v2 chemistry)$1,202.19$1,514.13$1,740.38
300 bp, paired end (v3 chemistry)$1,782.99$2,229.33$2,455.58


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