How to Submit Samples

The following is for approved members of the Science Park NGS User Group. All members are eligible for sequencing services and can separately apply for an annual allotment.

1. Get all samples in order.

  • Run DNA samples on a gel to visualize size distribution
  • Quantify samples (Qubit preferred)
  • If you have access to a Bioanalyzer, check RNA samples for quality (RIN>8)

See listed minimum standards for Core sequencing services. The Core will assess quality and request replacements for sub-standard samples, potentially delaying your order.

2. Initiate your request. 

  • You must generate and complete a Service Authorization Form
  • Your PI must sign this form for your request to process into the institutional billing system.

3. Access and complete the Sequencing Request Forms. 

No samples will be accepted without the following:

  • Project contact information
  • Complete experimental information (including sample specs, sequencing strategy, and project description)
  • Cost estimate (calculated using the cost worksheet)
  • PI signature
  • Bioinformatician’s signature
  • Grant number (funding source)
  • Accountant signature: send completed form to Avery Barksdale: required regardless of allotment status.

4. Submit completed paperwork to Core personnel, either in person or by email.

5. Ship or deliver your samples to the Core.

For shipping via FedEx or UPS, address to:If (only if) you are shipping via USPS, address to:
Luis Coletta
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center-Science Park
1808 Park Rd. 1C
Smithville, TX 78957
Luis Coletta
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center-Science Park
PO Box 389
1808 Park Rd. 1C
Smithville, TX 78957

6. If delivering in person, samples must be signed in.

NGS Core policy dictates that samples will be discarded 30 days after data is released to the customer.