In the fifth year of the CPRIT grant we have budgeted significant funds to help defray the cost of sequencing in the NGS Facility for the NGS user group. This will provide up to $10K to help support one project for each member of the user group (currently 30 Members) and to support extra promising projects from junior faculty members (i.e. Instructor and other titles below the level of Assistant Professor).

The intent is to provide no more than one award per year per user group member. Under exceptional circumstances, this may be relaxed. We anticipate that these projects will generally cost more than $10K, and you will be expected to provide the remainder from your own grant funds.

Please recall that this was set up as a competitive program, not an entitlement. In order to receive this support, you will have to complete an application form and have the project approved for funding. Applications will be vetted by the NGS Oversight Committee (Drs. Shen, Dent, Bedford, and Johnson). We are trying to keep the paperwork at a minimum, yet comply with the procedures that were outlined in the original grant application to CPRIT. The 2-page application form (PDF) will require an abstract that describes the scientific rationale for the project and its relation (if any) to cancer research, and a section describing the experimental design that has been vetted by a bioinformatician.

Please describe the entire project - not just the first $10K. Please feel free to get advice or help from the NGS Core staff in setting up the budget. It should be based on our current prices for the various services provided.

Applications should be submitted electronically to