MB Core Pricing

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

DNA Isolation
Genomic DNA Isolation/sample (16-24 samples)$4.00
Genomic DNA Isolation/sample (25-48 samples)$3.00
Genomic DNA Isolation/sample (≥49 samples)$2.15
Genomic DNA Isolation/sample (Minimum Charge)$60.00
Functional Genomics
cDNA Synthesis (per reaction)$3.80
qPCR Reaction (per well)$2.20
ABI qPCR Plate Set-up Charge$7.50
ABI Shipping Charge$45.00
Agilent High Sensitivity DNA Kit: Cost/chip$70.00
Agilent RNA 6000 Nano Kit: Cost/chip$37.50
Agilent RNA 6000 Pico Kit: Cost/chip$42.00
DNAse I Treatment$4.70
ABI Instrument Run Charge$10.00
Qubit Analysis$3.77
RNA isolation/clean-up with column (with DNase treatment)$13.00
RNA Isolation with TRIzol reagent (without DNase treatment)$13.25
TaqMan gene expression assay (75 reactions)$82.00
TaqMan gene expression assay (250 reactions)$164.00
Agarose gel (1.5%) electrophoresis (100 mL)$6.44
Agarose gel (2.5%) electrophoresis (100 mL)$7.00
Agarose gel (2%) electrophoresis (100 mL)$6.72
Agarose gel (3%) electrophoresis (100 mL)$7.30
Enzyme Digestion, BtgI$1.31
Enzyme Digestion, HptCH4V$4.28
Oligo (per primer)$5.00
PCR Reactions, 12.5 µL$2.26
SFR agarose (3%) electrophoresis (100 mL)$13.52
MicroRNA Microarray$450.00
Microsatellite Instrument Run Charge (1-16 samples per run)$16.30
Microsatellite Plate Set-up charge (per plate)$5.40
Microsatellite sample charge (per sample)$0.60
2-D DIGE Labeling charge$270.00
Regular 2-D Gel (Biorad)$172.00
In-gel Trypsin Digestion Sample Charge$39.00
iTRAQ-Labeling Per Sample$220.00
iTRAQ-Labeling and Glycopeptide Enrichmentinquiring
2-D Trypsin Digest Set-up Charge$40.00
Custom Antibody$0.00
General Antibody Cost$50.00
Protein Concentration Measurement (Bradford)$15.00
Sypro Ruby Gel Stain$50.00
Western Blot Detection (no antibody)$70.00
Western Blot Membrane Generation$111.00
Western Blot Membrane Stripping$29.00
Real Time PCR for Genotyping
ABI Real Time PCR Reaction (20 µL)$2.99
ABI qPCR Plate Set-up Charge$7.50
ABI Instrument Run Charge$10.00
ABI Seq Reaction (quarter volume)$8.90
Oligo (per primer)$5.00