Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Users outside of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center will be charged an additional fee (60%) by the institution.

Paraffin Processing – Routine$1.85/cassette
Paraffin Processing – Hand$1.85/cassette
Paraffin Processing - Fat$3.70/cassette
H&E Stain$2.70/slide
Blanks (charged slides)$2.20/slide
Blanks (for in situ)$2.70/slide
Decalcification (small)$2.50/ea + processing
Decalcification (large)$5.00/ea + processing
Special Stains$5.00/ea
Coverslip only$0.20/ea
Counterstain only$0.50/ea
Slide Prep. (first 20 slides)$20.00/batch
Slide Prep. (each additional 20 slides)$10.00/batch
Frozen Sections
LCM Preparation
LCM – glass slide$2.20/slide
LCM – membrane slide$5.30/slide
LCM – set up fee$33.00/ea
Immunohistochemistry (plus cost of blanks)
IHC – Small (Core Ab)$4.00/ea
IHC – Small (PI Ab)$2.75/ea
IHC – Medium (Core Ab)$7.65/ea
IHC – Medium (PI Ab)$5.15/ea
IHC – Large (Core Ab)$11.30/ea
IHC – Large (PI Ab)$9.50/ea
Tunel – Small$10.35/ea
Tunel – Large$17.15/ea
PCNA – Small$5.35/ea
PCNA – Large$10.55/ea
TSA Kit (additional fee)$3.00/ea
Biotin Blocking Kit (additional fee)$1.00/ea
New Antibody Development$30.00
Slide Boxes$5.00/ea
Rush Order (approval required)Total cost + 50%