DNA Methylation Analysis Core

The DNA Methylation Analysis Core is funded by the Center for Cancer Epigenetics and provides services related to the analysis of DNA methylation for researchers in the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The core is located at the Clinical Research Building of the MD Anderson Cancer Center and fully equipped for molecular biology research, including a Qiagen Pyrosequencing machine.


  • Consultation with investigators to choose the best method of analysis
  • Sample preparation, assay design and processing of the most used methods to study DNA methylation, both gene-specific and genome-wide (PyroMeth, MethyLight, RRBS and Methyl-Seq) 
  • Development and maintenance of a library of commonly used assays to measure global DNA methylation (LINE, Alu) and common gene-specific tests (p16, e-cadherin, MLH1, p15 and others) 
  • Support for data analysis and interpretation


Marcos R Estecio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (713) 792-9108
Email: mestecio@mdanderson.org