Confocal Microscopy Core

The Confocal Microscopy Core provides Science Park investigators with the ability to acquire high-resolution multispectral images of cells and tissues using a Zeiss LSM510 META confocal microscope. The principal objective of the core is to provide researchers with training and technical support in instrument operation. 


  • Image acquisition
  • Consultation on new assay development 
  • Training on the principles and applications of confocal microscopy
  • Training and technical support in instrument operation


  • Analyses of cellular and subcellular distribution of proteins of interest
  • Colocalization studies
  • Analyses of tissue architecture


Collene Jeter, PhD
Instructor, Molecular Carcinogenesis
Phone: (512) 237-6491

Image Gallery

 Breast cancer cells showing tumor suppressor-mediated subcellular redistribution of a tumor-promoting oncogene.
NANOG (green) and FOXA1 (red) transcription factors in LNCaP prostate cancer cells cultured in the absence of androgen.
Transgenic mouse cryosection showing aberrant thymic differentiation. 
 Mouse zygote showing differential maternal and paternal chromosomal modifications.