Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral training in the Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis emphasizes the goal of preparing trainees to carry out independent cancer-related research in a particular area of expertise, while maintaining a broad overview of related areas. Currently, there are approximately 25 postdoctoral fellows in the department. Many of our former postdocs have gone on to faculty positions at prestigious universities and institutes such as Harvard, Stanford and the National Institutes of Health. Others have gone on to successful careers in biotech and government regulatory agencies.

About the Program

Traditional laboratory-based training may be supplemented by graduate-level courses that can be audited, participation in journal club and the postdoctoral seminar series, and attendance at the many outstanding seminars held on campus or videoconferenced from Houston. Postdoctoral fellows are also encouraged to present their findings at national and international meetings, further enhancing their training experience. In addition, both the institute-wide MD Anderson Postdoctoral Association (PDA) and a local branch of the PDA at Science Park offer a plethora of training and networking opportunities for postdocs.

Professional and Career Development

Career development is an essential component of the training experience for the department’s postdoctoral fellows. The MD Anderson Postdoctoral Association provides a series of lectures including topics such as personal development, professional development, and oral and written communication. In addition, departmental faculty strive to assist their postdoctoral fellows in obtaining permanent positions in the field of their choice. Mentors also work closely with trainees on their writing skills, especially during manuscript and grant preparation, and instruct them on how to communicate with editors and respond to reviews. Moreover, postdoctoral fellows are expected to present their work at local, national and international meetings, which provides a valuable networking opportunity.