The Section of Neuropathology is dedicated to providing accurate, rapid and efficient diagnoses for the MD Anderson Cancer Center brain tumor patients as well as maintaining interdepartmental research collaborations and providing education for trainees. Continued success, productivity, diagnosis and research depend upon the education of others.

Neuropathology receives more than 1200 brain and spinal cord biopsies for diagnosis per year. The research commitment includes development of genetic markers for patient tests for diagnostic and prognostic significance, better methods of brain tumor classification and investigation of spatial-temporal pathways and modes of spread of tumors within the brain.

The activities carried out in the laboratory are patient care and research related. These activities include paraffin and frozen tissue sectioning, hematoxylin and eosin staining, immunohistochemical staining, in situ hybridization techniques, HPV Capture procedures and silver nitrate stains. A bank of frozen brain tumor samples has been maintained for almost 15 years. Researchers are supplied with tissue for their various research protocols from this tumor bank.

Annually 15,600 tests are performed, including more than 1500 in situ slides per year and 800 viral profile tests for HPV. This section includes four board certified neuropathologists and one senior secretary. The Neuropathology/ Hybridization Laboratory has three certified histotechnology technicians and one research assistant.