Department of Nursing

Established in 2008, the Department of Nursing is the academic arm of MD Anderson’s Division of Nursing. The department was established to advance nursing and interdisciplinary research, resulting in improved patient-care outcomes through the implementation of evidence-based practice. The department appoints doctorally prepared clinical nurses to faculty positions to promote, develop and implement programs of nursing research, evidenced-based practice and quality improvement. 


To promote excellence in nursing practice, research and education, and to collaborate with colleagues across multiple disciplines in pursuit of the mission and goals of the institution.


We shall be the premier department for nursing research, nursing science and training.  Based upon the evidence produced by our work, we shall influence patient care and nursing professional practice both at MD Anderson and throughout the world.


To promote, develop and implement programs of nursing research, evidence-based practice and quality improvement that lead to improvement in nursing care outcomes.

Description of Program

As the academic arm of the Division of Nursing, the Department of Nursing is uniquely positioned to accelerate the contributions of nursing science to evidence-based practice in collaboration with nurse clinicians and leaders at the point of care delivery.  The Department infrastructure supports nurse-driven research, educational initiatives, mentoring and development of clinical nurses, administrators, and trainees; the application for external funding, and the dissemination of research findings and program outcomes at institutional, national and international levels. To this end, we propose the following strategic goals for the development of the Department of Nursing over the next five (5) years.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1. Recruit and Retain Premier Nurse Scientists to MD Anderson

  • Establish an Endowed Chair and recruit a leading nurse scientist to this position
  • Establish innovative educational programs for pre- and post-doctoral nurses
  • Develop and implement a post-doctoral fellowship program
  • Recruit innovative nurse scientist trainees

Goal 2. Establish New and Enhance Existing Post-Graduate Educational and Training Programs

  • Develop and implement a post graduate residency program for APRNs
  • Expand the Cancer Network APRN Residency Program
  • Expand the post graduate (APRN) Fellowship in oncology nursing

Goal 3. Expand our Program of Nurse Scientist and Nurse Clinician-Led, Interprofessional Clinical and Administrative Research   

  • Develop a mentoring program for early-career nurse scientists
  • Engage in research that supports evidence-based practice

Goal 4. Increase Intramural and Extramural Funding in Support of our Research, Education and Training Initiatives     

  • Explore donor-based giving in support of nursing research, education and training initiatives
  • Build upon existing administrative infrastructure to facilitate funding of nurse-led research by faculty and non-faculty nurse scientists

Goal 5. Increase Dissemination of Nurse Scientist and Nurse Clinician-Led Research

  • Expand services to support publication and presentation of nurse scientist initiatives