The Department of Neurosurgery has developed a world-class clinical program to manage all aspects of neurosurgical oncology, including complex brain and skull-base tumors, spinal tumors and intractable, cancer-related pain disorders. We work to discover new imaging and surgical techniques and methods to effectively treat and manage pain. The goal of our research is to improve survival rates and quality of life for our patients. 

In addition, we have exceptional basic and applied research programs. Our researchers investigate such topics as immune suppression therapies for malignant gliomas, gene and stem cell therapies for brain and spine tumors, molecular mechanisms and various aspects of cancer metastasis. We have employed researchers that are recognized for their expertise in the areas implicated in tumor development and progression. The objective is to move therapies from bench to bedside, effectively, and our researchers collaborate closely with physicians to integrate laboratory discoveries with clinical observations. 

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