Research and Educational Programs

CCSG Tissue Biospecimen and Pathology Resource (TBPR)

Ignacio I. Wistuba, M.D., Director
Professor and Chair
Translational Molecular Pathology

Stanley Hamilton, M.D., Co-Director
Professor and Division Head
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The objectives of the TBPR are to:

  • To maintain a flexible specialized tissue‑procurement and processing resource of tumor and control tissues from patients.
  • To maintain and improve a centralized institution-wide tissue procurement and banking core facility. 
  • To support the individual programmatically administered and funded satellite tissue banks operating within the institution.
  • To provide specialized pathology services to investigators.
  • To meet the federal, state and institutional regulatory requirements for use of human tissue in research and protection of human subjects.

    Institutional Tissue Bank (ITB)

        Services Offered:

        Patient consent support and verification.
        Tissue and blood (new) collection and processing.
        Collection of tissue specimens at multiple institutional locations, including operating rooms, interventional radiology, endoscopy suites, etc., and during non-business hours (new).
        Data management: logging of collected specimens in Tissue Station.
        Storage of frozen and processed specimens.
        Prospective distribution of fresh specimens and retrospective distribution of archived specimens.
        Quality control/quality assurance of dispensed tissue specimens.
        Shipping of biospecimes (new).
        CLIA-accredited facility.

        Contact Information:

        Institutional Tissue Bank (ITB)
        1515 Holcombe Blvd. Unit 085
        Room: G1.3510 (Office)
        Room: G1.3586 (Lab)
        Houston, TX 77030
        Phone: 713-745-7047
        Fax: 713-745-7046

        Heidi Wagner, Supervisor
        Pathologists’ Assistant

    Research Histology Facility (RHF)

        Services Offered:

        Fresh, frozen cell and tissue specimen processing
        Routine and specialized histologic procedures
        Special techniques including:
            Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
            Tissue microarray (TMA)
            Laser capture microdissection (LCM)
            In-situ hybridization (ISH)
            Special histochemical stains
        Coordination and histology sectioning of FFPE clinical tissue blocks for clinical trial support (no CLIA required)
        Pathology consultation (new)
        Digital pathology, scanning service (new)

        Contact Information:

        Research Histology Facility (RHF)
        1515 Holcombe Blvd. Unit 054
        Room: Y7.5606 (Office)
        Room: Y5.5803 (Lab)
        Houston, TX 77030
        Phone:  713-563-0009
        Fax:  713-563-0544

        Jacqueline Furr, Lab Coordinator


ITERT is a multidisciplinary translational training program that is offered to outstanding predoctoral, postdoctoral and M.D. fellows at the department of Translational Molecular Pathology (TMP). The training plan allows qualified candidates an in-depth research experience in translational cancer research.

Open program opportunities include 2-year post-doctoral fellowships.

ITERT Contacts:

Ann Killary, Ph.D., Director

Rama Soundararajan, Ph.D., Co-Director

Sarah Fayle, M.A., M.S., Project Director