Leukemia Fellowship Program

The University of Texas at Houston/MD Anderson Cancer Center Graduate Medical Education Leukemia Fellowship is a 1-year program with an optional second year which runs July 1 through June 30.  The program is non-accredited and is recognized by the Texas Medical Board as an approved fellowship program. It is affiliated with the Institution’s Hematology/Oncology Fellowship which is accredited by ACGME. The fellowship offers stipend positions which are determined by the trainees post graduate years of experience (PGY level).

The goal of the Leukemia fellowship is to train internists and oncologist in the diagnosis and management of all types of leukemia and myelodysplastic diseases. Our primary objective is to support education of medical oncology and hematology fellows in clinical research with the hope of developing a new generation of independent investigators in academic medicine.  We aim is to provide in-depth clinical training in the diagnosis and management of leukemia and related malignant disorders (MDS, MPN), and to provide clinical and research training in acute leukemia.

We strengthen and train the next generation of physicians which will lead the way in discovering new therapies and treating leukemia patients in the coming years.  Increasing the support of clinical research will undoubtedly improve the outcome of cancer patients.  One of the problems in the area of leukemia is that throughout medical school and specialty training there is little taught about clinical research.

The specialized focus on adult leukemia, with a central focus on clinical research establishes a new training pathway for interested individuals. This is an important approach since hematology has become increasingly specialized, and during a regular hematology/oncology fellowship, exposure to specific disciplines such as leukemia is limited.

Leukemia Insights

Leukemia Insights is a quarterly newsletter for physicians and other health professionals. Insights has the latest leukemia news, research and results from ongoing clinical trials, and available leukemia programs at MD Anderson.