Department of Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine performs diagnostic routine and esoteric testing. The testing results are used for clinical management of our patients. Highly trained and certified technologists perform the tests with state-of- the –art automated analyzers, they perform manual microscopic and analytical procedures necessary to provide accurate test results. Specialized clinical pathologists provide interpretation of test results and consult with medical staff. In addition, Transfusion Medicine and Donor Center supply all the blood and blood components necessary to support the medical and surgical management of our patients. The section of Microbiology works closely with Infection Control staff, to maintain an active infection control program that covers all the hospital areas.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine is a multidisciplinary organization. The Department performs over 9.2 million billables annually. Services include high volume chemistry, hematology and coagulation; microbiology and virology; point of care tests; HLA for bone marrow transplant and infectious disease testing for blood products. Over 500,000 phlebotomies are performed annually. In addition the laboratories support research and development of tests, and educational development of employees. The sections also provide laboratory support to other clinical divisions for research protocols. Several members of the departmental staff also maintain their own clinical research programs supported by governmental and/or private grants. The Department is supported by Administrative staff. 

Sections of Laboratory Medicine

Each of these laboratory sections carries a heavy patient care service load in addition to various types of research and development as well as educational activities.