Histocompatibility Lab

The HLA Typing Laboratory provides a full range of histocompatibility testing services that support the BMT program of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. These services include not only intermediate and high resolution typing of all HLA loci, but also screening and identification of anti-HLA antigens, KIR typing, MIC-A typing, and monitoring the immune response in post-Bone Marrow Transplantation patients. The HLA Lab tests for both diagnostic support and for obtaining matched blood components. Red blood cell genotyping has also been recently implemented.
The laboratory is a leader in the field, being at the cutting edge not only in regard to technical and methodological questions, but also in regard to information management. The lab has created an information management infrastructure that has been the foundation for important outcome studies that evaluate the effect of HLA matching on the outcome of Bone Marrow Transplantation.

In addition to these clinical research activities, the laboratory is involved in addressing more fundamental, scientific questions like the study of population genetics of the HLA system, the definition of epitopes in the HLA molecular and the selection of peptides by different HLA molecules.