Investigational Cancer Therapeutics Fellowship


To provide an exemplary training experience for fellows who wish to become experts in personalized cancer therapies and novel drug development, and prepare fellows for careers as the next generation of independent clinical researchers.


The Investigational Cancer Therapeutics Fellowship provides a one-, two-, or three- year experience in early drug development. Fellows are trained in developing and conducting innovative clinical/translational trials with novel, targeted agents and are prepared for careers in academics, the pharmaceutical industry, or government.    

MD Anderson Cancer Center provides a rich experience for fellows.  Over 120,000 patients were seen here last year, and nearly one-third were new patients.  Almost 7,600 participants were enrolled in clinical trials exploring innovative treatments.  In FY2013, our department alone had over 122 therapeutic trials and enrolled over 1000 patients on our protocols.  About one-fourth of our phase I trials are first-in-human studies.

There is a wealth of opportunity for interactions with a wide variety of investigators who are internationally known for their expertise in basic, translational and/or clinical science.  Fellows will learn how to write trials, interact with sponsors, develop translational endpoints to understand drug impact and factors predicting response and host toxicity, present data at national or international meetings, analyze data and write/complete manuscripts.

Application Requirements

Program applicants should have:

  • MD or DO degree,
  • completed an hematology/oncology residency or equivalent training,
  • an interest in a career in drug development, and
  • passed the licensure exam (USMLE Steps 1 & 2).
  • Foreign-trained applicants must have ECFMG Certification.

Although completion of medical oncology training is not a requirement, fellows who have completed this training will be highly competitive for a fellowship position.

The Fellowship is supported by the Jeanne F. Shelby Scholarship Fund for Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.

For questions or to apply for fellowship training, please contact:

Barbara L. Wooten, MBA
Program Manager

Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics [Phase I Clinical Trials Program]
Division of Cancer Medicine
MD Anderson  Cancer Center, Unit 455
P.O. Box 301402
Houston, TX 77230-1402
Phone 713-563-6705
Fax 713-563-0566


Observer Program 

We offer one short-term observer position each month.  

Appointments & Referrals

For a referral to clinical trials with a new targeted drug, call (713) 792-1160, or visit our Contact Information page.