The central mission of the Department of Institutional Research is the collection, organization, maintenance and analysis of internal and external data sources to support institutional management, operations, decision-making and assessment functions. Included in this mission is the development of study and survey instruments, collection of the data obtained from the studies and surveys and analysis of this data to facilitate the effectiveness of institutional resources.

In particular, the Department of Institutional Research will:

  1. Develop and maintain comprehensive data and information systems required for institutional study, management, planning and assessment

  2. Provide in-depth, substantive analysis of selected topics upon request, with data and reports as appropriate

  3. Function as an information center for the aggregation of data and literature compiled in ongoing, documented studies and projects

  4. Provide data and other support for the University's academic accreditation process and associated review, evaluation and assessment activities

  5. Provide consistent, reliable data, statistics and reports as appropriate and as mandated to internal and external agencies and engage in studies with peer institutions

  6. Actively support and encourage high levels of professional training, competence and expertise on the part of IR personnel in order to encourage knowledgeable participation in and support of ongoing institutional activity