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  • Photoacoustic Assessment of RF Ablation Lesions

    Photoacoustic Assessment of RF Ablation Lesions

    RF ablation lesion assessment with multi wavelength photo acoustic imaging.

    A: Single-wavelength photoacoustic image (710 nm) overlaying ultrasound image with ablated and nonablated regions of interest (ROIs).

    C: Tissue characterization map (TCM).

  • Photoacoustic-Ultrasonic Imaging of Brachytherapy Seeds

    Photoacoustic-Ultrasonic Imaging of Brachytherapy Seeds

    US B-mode (a), PA (b), and combined PAUS (c) images of a seed embedded in a bovine prostate sample in the long-axis orientation.

    PA image was acquired at 870 nm and is displayed with 35-dB dynamic range; B-mode image is displayed with 55-dB range.

  • PA Thermography of Photothermal Therapy

    PA Thermography of Photothermal Therapy

    Photoacoustic imaging of Dox release in vivo following intratumoral injection of Dox@PEG-HAuNS and treatment with a 6-W surface laser. (A) B-mode of tumor xenographs, (B) photoacoustic (PA) image of tumor injected with Dox@PEG-HAuNS, and (C) PAUS image of tumor. (D) Plot of PA signal amplitude over time. (E) PA signal increased linearly with temperature. (F) Fit for conversion of PA signal to temperature (E).

  • Development of a Transrectal Photoacoustic-Ultrasonic Imaging Probe

    Development of a Transrectal Photoacoustic-Ultrasonic Imaging Probe

    A SolidWorks rendering (left) and the photograph of the machined prototype (right) transrectal probe.

    The probe is outfit with seven optical fibers to allow for >30 mJ/pulse of NIR irradiation.

  • Acoustic Radiation Force-based Shear Wave Tissue Elasticity Imaging

    Acoustic Radiation Force-based Shear Wave Tissue Elasticity Imaging

    Displacement images at four specific times (1, 5, 13, and 21 ms for images A through D, respectively) following ARFI excitation in the myocardium.

    The right-most edge of the displacement profile in each image shows a shear wavefront probating left to right through time.

  • Multi-wavelength Photoacoustic Imaging of Targeted Nanoparticles

    Multi-wavelength PA Imaging of Targeted Nanoparticles

    PAUS image (A) acquired with Vevo LAZR platform of a subcutaneous PC3 human prostate cancer tumor injected with targeted gold nanorods (AuNRs). Multiwavelength photoacoustic acquisition (B) and spectrum (C) of AuNRs. PA images (Endra Nexus 128) of targeted AuNRs accumulating in PC3 tumor.


Today’s healthcare climate calls for medical technology that provides a safe, inexpensive, patient-specific, and point-of care diagnostic and therapeutic solution.

Ultrasound-mediated imaging technologies, such as photoacoustic (PA) or elasticity imaging, allow clinicians to probe a patient’s specific molecular composition, permit assessment of tissue viscoelasticity, or afford unprecedented contrast for real-time image-guided therapy. Ultrasound-mediated imaging solutions can be provided at a price point, convenience, and operating ease that permits bedside utilization or straightforward intraoperative integration. 

Consequently, I have focused my research program on clinical photoacoustic-ultrasonic (PAUS) and acoustic radiation force (ARF)-based elasticity imaging technologies. Specifically, I am investigating novel uses of PAUS and ARF-based imaging in the detection, assessment, and treatment of cancer and cardiac disease.

Although my primary research focus is the development of clinical techniques, I have also invested considerable effort in preclinical (i.e., murine model) PAUS imaging of molecular (i.e., nano-scale) theranostic probes, some of which share translational relevance with the aforementioned clinical applications.

Selected Publications

  1. Mitcham T, Homan K, Frey W, Chen Y, Hazle, J, Emelianov SY, Bouchard RR. “Modulation of Photoacoustic Signal Generation from Metallic Surfaces,” Journal of Biomedical Optics, 18(5): 056008, 2013.
  2. Dana N, Di Biase L, Natale A, Emelianov SY, Bouchard RR. “In-vitro Photoacoustic Visualization of Myocardial Ablation Lesions,” Heart Rhythm, 2013.
  3. Bouchard RR, Sahin O, Emelianov SY. “Ultrasound-guided Photoacoustic Imaging: current state and future development,” IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 2014.

Research Support


“Development and Optimization of a Photoacoustic-Ultrasonic Transrectal Imaging System for the Improved Visualization of Prostate Brachytherapy Seeds,” National Institutes of Health Prostate SPORE Development Research Program Award; Total Cost: $68,900; Role: PI.


Richard Bouchard, PhD
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Richard R. Bouchard, PhD

Richard R. Bouchard, PhD
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Photoacoustic and Ultrasonic Image-guided Needle Biopsy of the Prostate

System diagram for prototype photoacoustic-ultrasonic image-guided needle biopsy system.