Imaging Physics Faculty

Our faculty are very active in the national and international medical imaging communities. Many are leaders and have had a significant impact on the field. Our faculty members are sought after for speaking invitations both nationally and internationally.

Imaging Physics Faculty

Department Leadership

John D. Hazle, PhD, - Chairman, Professor, Bernard W. Biedenharn Chair in Cancer Research
Research Interests: Image guided therapy, MR temperature imaging, pre-clinical imaging, novel early detection technologies

Dianna D. Cody, PhD - Deputy Chair, Director of Clinical Operations, Section Chief of Radiologic Physics, Professor
Research Interests: Implementation of emerging computed tomographic (CT) technology, use of CT imaging for cancer screening, exploring new dual energy CT applications

Osama R. Mawlawi, PhD - Section Chief of Nuclear Medicine Physics, Professor
Research Interests: PET/CT image acquisition and formation, quantification accuracy in PET/CT imaging, motion artifacts in PET/CT imaging, kinetic modeling

Konstantin Sokolov, PhD - Professor, Imaging Physics Executive Committee Member
Research Interests: Applications of nanotechnology and biophotonics in early detection, diagnosis/prognosis, and treatment of cancer
Biomedical Optics & NanoDiagnostics (BOND) Lab

R. Jason Stafford, PhD - Section Chief of MR and US Physics, Professor
Research Interests: MRI, image-guided interventions, image-guided therapy, thermal therapy

Richard E. Wendt, PhD - Professor, Education Program Coordinator
Research Interests: Radiopharmaceutical internal dosimetry and beta-emitting brachytherapy

Clinical Faculty

William Erwin, MS - Senior Medical Physicist
Research Interests: Development of quantitative radionuclide imaging and radionuclide dosimetry techniques for treatment planning of therapy with internally administered radionuclides

William R. Geiser, MS - Senior Medical Physicist
Research Interests: Dosimetry in mammography, phantoms for FFDM and breast tomosynthesis

Dustin Gress, MS - Senior Medical Physicist
Research Interests: Applied and procedure-specific radiation safety, quality control, appropriate use of radiation dose indices

Ping Hou, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: MRI, MRI pulse sequence design and implementation, perfusion imaging, functional MRI, MRI quality assurance

Ken-Pin Hwang, PhD - Assistant Professor
Research Interests: MR for treatment planning, geometric accuracy and assessment for MRI, synthetic MR imaging, pulse sequence design and image reconstruction

A. Kyle Jones, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: Dosimetry for radiological imaging, protective garments, applications of dual energy CT

S. Cheenu Kappadath, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: Advance clinical NM, PET, and CT imaging by applying physics, engineering, and mathematics. Specific topics include: liver-directed Yttrium-90 microsphere therapy; molecular breast imaging; quantitative imaging with SPECT, PET, and CT; and patient-specific dosimetry
Kappadath Lab

Rick Layman, PhD - Assistant Professor
Research Interests: CT, nuclear medicine, dual energy CT, and quantitative imaging

Ho-Ling Anthony Liu, PhD - Professor
Research Interests: Quantitative MRI for characterizing tumor microenvironment, functional MRI for pre-surgical planning and intra-operative evaluation

Xinming Liu, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: CT radiation dose management, CT protocol management and optimization, medical image quality measurement and evaluation, digital radiography and digital mammography, digital imaging detector techniques, biomedical instrumentation

Jingfei Ma, PhD - Professor
Research Interests: Development of novel MRI pulse sequences and image reconstruction algorithms; clinical applications of MRI; quantitative MRI for cancer characterization and therapy assessment; methods for management of chemical shift, motion, and other artefacts in MRI

Thomas K. Nishino, PhD - Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 2-D and 3-D image processing methods for the extraction of pertinent, clinical data used by radiologists and clinicians to assess anatomy, pathology and physiologic activity in the human body

Tinsu Pan, PhD - Professor
Research Interests: Dynamic tumor imaging and cardiac imaging with PET/CT, low dose lung screening with CT

Donna M. Reeve, MS - Senior Medical Physicist
Research Interests: Quality assurance testing for MRI, mammography, computed tomography, and ultrasound, use of medical images in radiation therapy treatment planning, MRI safety, medical physics education

John Rong, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: CT scanner performance, image quality evaluation, radiation dose reduction

Charles E. Willis, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: Optimizing radiographic techniques for CR and DR examinations, establishing practical quality metrics for CR and DR, evaluating phantoms for CR and DR

Joshua P. Yung, PhD - Instructor
Research Interests: Image processing and measuring for MRI quality assurance and control testing, development and use of MRI for monitoring and verification of ablative therapies

Research Faculty

James A. Bankson, PhD - Associate Professor
Research Interests: Use of engineering principles (RF engineering, systems engineering, electromagnetics, signal and image processing) to refine, optimize, and extend methods to characterize disease non-invasively using magnetic resonance imaging, spectroscopy, and spectroscopic imaging
Magnetic Resonance Systems Lab

Richard Bouchard, PhD - Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Clinical photoacoustic-ultrasonic (PAUS) and acoustic radiation force (ARF)-based elasticity imaging technologies, preclinical (i.e., murine model) PAUS imaging of molecular (i.e., nanoscale) theranostic probes
Photoacoustic Imaging Research Lab

David Fuentes, PhD - Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Development, implementation, and validation of high performance human assisted computational tools for image-guided interventions
Computational Research Lab

Kelsey Mathieu, PhD - Instructor
Research Interests: Early detection of ovarian cancer using magnetic relaxometry; detection and imaging of nanoparticles in vivo
Magnetic Relaxometry Research Lab

Hao Song, PhD - Instructor
Research Interests: MRI, motion correction, pulse sequence development

Adjunct & Visiting Faculty

Adam Chandler, PhD - Visiting Scientist

Stanislav Emelianov, PhD - Associate Professor

Mia K. Markey, PhD - Associate Professor