Fellowship Programs

The Department of Hematopathology offers a variety of training programs in hematopathology.

Hematopathology Fellowship Training Program

The Hematopathology Fellowship Training Program is a two-year fellowship training program in hematopathology. The program is designed to train academically oriented physicians in all aspects of hematopathology and to establish eligibility for the special competency examination in hematology administered by the American Board of Pathology. By the end of the first year, fellows will have developed excellent interpretive skills and consultative and managerial abilities in laboratory hematology. They acquire knowledge and skills in the techniques of specimen collection and preparation, bone marrow and lymph node interpretation, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, coagulation, molecular diagnostic lab and laboratory instrumentation, informatics and management. 

Hematopathology Observer Training Program

Under the direction of the department chair, the Hematopathology Observer Training Program allows outside professionals the opportunity to participate in the clinical and research experience offered by the Hematopathology faculty by observing the fellowship program.

Hematopathology Pre- and Post-Graduate Training

The Hematopathology training program is also available as a rotating elective for graduates within The University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston and The University of Texas Health Science Center — Houston.

Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Training Program

The Department of Hematopathology also offers a one-year training program in Molecular Genetic Pathology (MGP). The program is designed to train academically oriented physicians from either pathology or medical genetic residencies in the laboratory and clinical skills required for the practice of molecular diagnostics.