Research and Programs

Center for Community-Engaged Translational Research (CCETR)

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

CCETR brings communities and researches together to create long-term, sustainable solutions to prevent cancer and improve health.

Minority & Women Clinical Trials Recruitment Program (MWR)

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

The mission of the Minority & Women Clinical Trials Recruitment Program is to increase the participation of minorities and women on cancer clinical trials and other cancer-related studies through targeted interventions that reduce or eliminate barriers to enrollment.

Puerto Rico Health Department Quitline (Project CUIDATE)

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

The goal of this behavioral research study is to evaluate the effectiveness of telephone counseling for smokers who also use alcohol.

Project Por Nuestra Salud

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

Por Nuestra Salud is a study for Spanish speaking smokers who want to quit smoking.

Quit and Win

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

The Quit and Win project targets students attending college in the state of Minnesota who would like to quit smoking.

Project HEALTH

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

Project HEALTH is a study for Harris County Hospital District patient who identify themselves as smokers that are not ready to quit.

Reducing Tobacco Related Health Disparities

Principal Investigator: David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

The proposed study will evaluate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a theoretically- and empirically-based "Motivation and Problem Solving" (MAPS) intervention for promoting and facilitating smoking cessation among low income smokers who are not ready to quit smoking.

Ask-Advise-Connect (R18) (Dissemination of a Smoking Quitline to the Underserved)

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Irvin Vidrine, Ph.D.

The goal of this study is to increase dissemination and enhance utilization of the State of Texas Quitline which is provided by Free and Clear among a critically underserved and racially/ethnically diverse population of smokers with very limited access to resources for quitting smoking.

Smoking Cessation Among Spanish-Speaking Smokers

Principal Investigator: Carlos A. Mazas, Ph.D.

The goal of this behavioral research study is to look at psychosocial and behavioral factors that influence the process of quitting smoking among Spanish-speaking, Hispanic adult smokers.

African American and West African Women's Health Project

Principal Investigator: Janice A. Chilton, Dr.P.H.

The long-term goal of The African American and West African Women's Health Project is to begin to form a health link between the two cultures, based on the belief that each culture can and will inform the other, and ultimately increase our understanding of breast cancer in both populations. 

STELLAR Minority Inclusion Project

Principal Investigator: Janice A. Chilton, Dr.P.H.

Clinical trials are unfamiliar to most people who could benefit, regardless of their socio-economic background or culture. Women, regardless of their race/ethnicity, have been excluded from clinical research. African-American, Hispanic, Asian American and Native American women represented in breast cancer clinical trials are disproportionate to their breast cancer rates of morbidity or mortality. 

Symptoms, Symptom Management and End-of-Life Care in Latino Medicare Beneficiaries With and Without Cancer

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

This study is an ancillary study to a larger four-year Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) demonstration project, entitled Cancer Prevention and Treatment Demonstration for Ethnic and Racial Minorities. 

Health - Prostate Cancer and Health Disparities Research

Principal Investigator: Isabel Torres, Ph.D.

The purpose of this study is to examine levels of knowledge, beliefs and risks perceptions related to prostate cancer and screening and assess the preferred patterns in the delivery of health care and cancer prevention messages among African American, Latino, Asian and Native American men from Houston, Texas, and its surrounding counties.

The FRESNO (Fresno Environmental Survey of Needs and Opinions) Project

Principal Investigators: Maria A. Hernandez-Valero, Dr.P.H., Denae King, Ph.D.

A pilot for a community needs assessment to examine environmental exposure and health concerns facing the residents of Fresno, Texas.

The African American Nutrition for Life Project (A NU LIFE)

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

A low fat, high fiber nutrition intervention to reduce the risk of breast cancer among pre-menopausal African American women, 25-45 years. This five-year project will be completed in Summer, 2007. Funding applications have been submitted to expand this intervention to include a physical activity component.

The Asian American Health Needs Assessment Project (AsANA)

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

A random telephone survey conducted with over 400 Vietnamese and 400 Chinese households in the greater Houston area to collect baseline health and cancer data on this rapidly growing population. Funding applications are being submitted to expand this project to include other Asian subgroups, such as the South Asian (Asian Indian) community.

The Prostate Outreach Project (POP)

Principal Investigators: Curtis Pettaway, M.D., Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

A community-based prostate cancer screening program targeted at minority men 40 to 70 years of age.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Demonstration Project

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

A national project assessing the cost benefit of cancer screening and patient navigation services for Medicare recipients. The CRMH site targets the Houston Latino population. 

EXPORT Project, Bridging the Gap: Addressing Environmental Health Through Science

Principal Investigators: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D., Maria A. Hernandez-Valero, Dr.P.H.., Richard Hajek, Ph.D., Janice A. Chilton, Dr.P.H., Beverly Gor, Ed.D., Gloria Regisford, Ph.D., George Stancel, Ph.D., Robin Fuchs-Young, Ph.D.

A P60 grant establishing the CRMH as a Center of Excellence in Partnership for Community Outreach Research on Health Disparities and Training. Grant components include efforts to address environmental health and long-term, multidisciplinary research, education and community outreach programs pertinent to the needs of minorities in Houston and South Texas.

Biomarkers of Genetic Susceptibility in Environmentally Exposed Mexican-American Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Women and Their Children (from Mother to Child) Project

Principal Investigator: Maria A. Hernandez-Valero, Dr.P.H.

A molecular epidemiological study to investigate the effect of intermediate genetic susceptibility biomarkers and health risks associated with pesticide exposure in migrant and seasonal farm worker mothers and their children. 

The Ovarian Cancer and Nutrition Education Study (The ONE Study)

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

An investigation of the role of diet in the quality of life of ovarian cancer survivors, measured through questionnaires, weight maintenance records, serum carotenoid levels (biomarkers of fruit and vegetable intake) and maintenance of a normal range of serum albumin levels.

The Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) Study

Principal Investigators: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D., Janice Chilton, Dr.P.H., Richard Hajek, Ph.D., Maria A. Hernandez-Valero, Dr.P.H., John Pierce, Ph.D.

An ongoing multi-center (seven clinical sites) randomized controlled trial examining the hypothesis that a plant-based dietary pattern affects the course of cancer and longevity. WHEL tests whether a low-fat high fiber diet that is high in nutrient and phytochemical-rich vegetables and fruits is associated with a longer breast cancer event-free interval and increased longevity in women previously treated for early stage breast cancer. The study has enrolled 3,109 women (389 women from the MD Anderson site) who were within four years of a primary diagnosis of Stage I (>1 cm), Stage II and Stage IIIA breast cancer and who had completed standard therapy. The study has completed recruitment and is closed to new patient entry. 

The PIPELINE Scientific Training Program

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

The program links training from high school to graduate programs, introducing qualified Texas young people to a research environment and providing firsthand experiences in the varied career opportunities available in the biomedical sciences, public health and community-based participatory research.

The Science Centered Inquiry-Based Educational Activities in Collaborating Elementary Classrooms (SCIENCE) Project

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

A partnership between the CRMH and the Fort Bend Independent School District to conduct an educational intervention project focused on environmental health sciences and to nurturing elementary students' interest in environmental health science and research. 

The Health Disparities Summer Workshop and Fall Course

Principal Investigator: Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

A course/workshop entitled "Disparities in Health in America — Working Toward Social Justice" offering a comprehensive approach to the issue of health disparities and providing attendees with a broad knowledge of the issues.

The Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on Smoking Cessation

Principal Investigator: Lorraine R. Reitzel, Ph.D.

The primary aim of this research is to examine how neighborhood characteristics influence the mechanisms underlying the process of smoking cessation and relapse prevention during a specific quit attempt among diverse community samples at increased risk for health disparities in cancer. 

African American Cancer Prevention Project Establishing a Cohort to Investigate Health Disparities (Project CHURCH)

Principal Investigator: Lorna Haughton McNeill, Ph.D.

The goal of this prospective cohort study is to examine the role of lifestyle/behavioral, social, and environmental factors on minority health and cancer-related disparities among a church-based sample of African-American in Houston, TX.

Peer-support Motivational Interviewing PA Intervention for African American Women (Sister ACTive)

Principal Investigator: Lorna Haughton McNeill, Ph.D.

The primary goal of the this intervention is to examine the efficacy of using MI techniques to foster better reciprocal social support of a church-based sample of sedentary African American women.

Perceptions of School, Recreation, and Transportation Environments Among African American Families in Public Housing-II (Family VOICE)

Principal Investigator: Lorna Haughton McNeill, Ph.D.

This study will examine how youth and their parents use and perceive three active living domains for physical activity in schools, recreation and transportation environment.

Social, Contextual, and Environmental Determinants of Physical Activity in Sedentary Minority Adults (iMove!)

Principal Investigator: Lorna Haughton McNeill, Ph.D.

This longitudinal cohort study will be conducted among 300 sedentary black and Latino adults, and examine PA initiation and maintenance over a 1-year period.

Obesity: Cancer Risk Among African Americans - Developing Interventions Through Community Collaboration (Healthy Habits)

Principal Investigator: Lorna Haughton McNeill, Ph.D. and  David W. Wetter, Ph.D.

The goal of this study is to learn if a motivation and problem solving (MAPS) intervention can help improve diet and levels of physical activity in African Americans who are overweight.