Clinical Trials

The personal and scientific contributions of patients who enter clinical trials are incalculable. The patient with genitourinary cancer is purposefully motivated to partner with his or her physician and clinical team to undergo treatment that will provide information to improve therapy for all patients.

Valuable clinical and research data and material are carefully managed by a highly experienced team working in a secure, HIPAA-protected environment. We have a devoted clinical research team that oversees and protects all patient information.

The goals of the Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology clinical research program are:

  • To identify and develop new therapy targets
  • To improve the efficiency of clinical investigation by developing and applying new study design(s)
  • To apply clinical algorithms to rationally develop multimodal treatments
  • To perform “first-in-human” studies of agents developed in Genitourinary laboratories
  • To collaborate with industry to bring novel agents into clinical trials

For more information, please call us at our Genitourinary Medical Oncology Clinical Protocol Information Line at (713) 563-1602.