Genetics Research Lab

The Department of Genetics is an outstanding environment for basic science and translational research. There is a strong core of post doctoral trainees that contribute to the research. The faculty are funded through several mechanisms including a large number of R01s, a U01 and grants from the Department of Defense and other agencies.  Grants to the department total approximately 10 million dollars annually in direct costs. The research in the Department is also greatly enhanced by departmental infrastructure and leadership in institutional core facilities.

Bioinformatics support in the Department is provided by Dr. Bin Liu to assist in the analysis of large DNA sequence datasets. In addition, Dr. Liu provides bioinformatics training through bioinformatics workshops.

Center for Genetics and Genomics
The Center for Genetics and Genomics is one of seven Centers in the Institute for Basic Sciences. The goal of the CGG is to establish a critical mass of scientists and synergy in genetics and genomics research at the institution. The Center is led by Dr. Guillermina (Gigi) Lozano and administered through the Department of Genetics.

Genetically Engineered Mouse Facility
The purpose of the Genetically Engineered Mouse Facility (GEMF) is to provide technologically advanced and efficient mouse mutation resources to faculty members at the institution. Modifications to the genome utilizing direct DNA injection and ES cell mutagenesis, cryopreservation, in vitro fertilization and rederivation of mouse lines are all technologies supported by the facility. The facility is fully equipped with the latest instrumentation and staffed with highly skilled personnel trained specifically for the production of mutant mice. GEMF is administered by Jan Parker-Thornburg, Ph.D. M.Ed., through the Department of Genetics.

Microscopy Core
The Department maintains a modern Microscopy Core with multiple platforms for live imaging, deconvolution, confocal, stereofluorescence, and brightfield microscopy. Imaging is supported by numerous software programs for processing and analyzing datasets. The Core is directed by Adriana Paulucci, Ph.D., who maintains the imaging equipment and trains departmental members on their use.

Molecular Cytogenetics Facility
The T. C. Hsu Molecular Cytogenetics Facility (MCF) is funded by the Center for Genetics and Genomics (CGG). The primary goal of this facility is to offer conventional and molecular cytogenetic services, including species identification, karyotyping, analysis of genomic instability, fluorescence in situ hybridization and spectral karyotyping.  Dr. Guillermina (Gigi) Lozano is the Director and Dr. Asha S. Multani is the Co-Director of the facility. MCF is administered through the Department of Genetics.

Sequencing and Microarray Facility
The Sequencing and Microarray Facility (SMF) is an institutional core facility partially funded by the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG). The SMF provides MD Anderson investigators with reliable nucleic acid  analysis services using traditional and next generation sequencing technologies, and microarray platforms. The SMF is directed by Dr. Vicki Huff, managed by Erika Thompson and administered through the Department of Genetics.