Emerging Healthcare Technology

To address challenges faced at the community level, General Oncology has taken a leadership role in the development of tools that enable MD Anderson to bring clinical research trials to community based practices. The ability to innovate has been a key differentiator in the practice of cancer control and research.    

Remote Data Entry

Software was developed to facilitate the collection of patient data from patients participating in clinical trials.  The development of the software was based on the need to efficiently collect data from remote community research sites throughout the country.  The Remote Data Entry system has been efficient and successful in monitoring and maintaining the heavy submission data, while effectively assuring that the information is being deposited into a secure database. The RDE system has been designed to collect information with a user friendly interface to facilitate the validation all data collected.  The system is also used as a tool for generating metrics and reports, alerting sites to missing data, and calendar updates dates related to a protocol.  


The utilization of the iPad platform for research driven patient care was born out of the need to provide MD Anderson resources to staff, as well as patients, on a mobile platform.  The iPad allows our clinical and research staff to mobilize protocols and education tools for patients, regardless of location.  With more than 300 medical apps available for download, iPads are changing how end users interact with healthcare materials.    

The CAMPad application was designed to limit the interaction a patient has with an iPad but at the same time provide a robust experience. Patient questionnaires are loaded on an iPad via the CAMPad application and patients are able to answer using simple scroll and swipe motions. Once the questionnaires have been completed the iPad is able to interface with specific MD Anderson databases.  The interface takes place using MD Anderson security protocols. The CAMPad application was the first iPad application to be approved by MD Anderson’s IRB.  

Cyber Seminars

As a leader in community based healthcare and research, General Oncology utilizes cyber seminars for in-depth discussions between community research sites, healthcare staff, faculty, and physicians.  Participants are able to meet from their office, smartphone, or any mobile communication device.  Meetings are recorded and can be shared and replayed at any time.  This flexibility is crucial to providing excellent care in community settings when time and meeting space are limited.

The cyber seminar platform also is used to provide state-of-the-art training sessions for new protocols initiated at research sites.  The training sessions may be accessed from any computer or mobile device as a live conference or as on demand archived presentations.


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