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The Section of Nephrology combines the delivery of outstanding clinical services with world-class research. An integrated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurse clinicians addresses the most pressing needs facing cancer patients with kidney diseases. Physicians will provide continuity of care following discharge of patients.

Onco-Nephrology Fellowship

Although kidney disease is very common in patients with cancer, most nephrology trainees have little exposure during their  fellowship to several renal syndromes that are unique to patients with cancer, including conditions caused by the cancer itself and by its treatment. MD Anderson's Onco-nephrology fellowship provides experience in the management of unique problems in cancer patients such as nephrotoxicity from traditional chemotherapy as well as targeted therapy, renal disease after stem cell transplant, myeloma related kidney disease, paraneoplastic renal disease, and electrolyte disorders secondary to cancer or cancer therapy. Trainees will also gain experience in critical care nephrology and renal replacement therapy, as well as in the psychosocial aspects of renal replacement therapy during near-end of life care. Visit the Onco-Nephrology Fellowship page for more information on the program.

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Visit the Danesh Laboratory page for more information on nephrology research.

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