Shelley Herbrich, Sc.M.

Research Statistical Analyst


  • Sc.M. in Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
  • B.S. in Applied Mathematical Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Areas of Interest

  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Statistical Programming


Herbrich SM, Cole RN, West KP Jr, Schulze K, Yager JD, Groopman JD, Christian P, Wu L, O'Meally RN, May DH, McIntosh MW, Ruczinski. Statistical inference from multiple iTRAQ experiments without using common reference standards. Journal of Proteome Research 2013; 12(2):594-604.

Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network, Weinstein JN, Collisson EA, Mills GB, Shaw KR, Ozenberger BA, Ellrott K, Shmulevich I, Sander C, Stuart JM. The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer analysis project. Nature Genetics 2013; 45(10):1113-11120.

Ratovitski T, Chighladze E, Arbez N, Boronina T, Herbrich S, Cole RN, Ross CA. Huntingtin protein interactions altered by polyglutamine expansion as determined by quantitative proteomic analysis. Cell Cycle 2012; 11(10): 2006-2021.

Updated December 16, 2013