Jing Jiang, M.S.

Statistical Analyst


  • M.S., Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Area of Interest

  • Survival analysis

Recent Publications

Albert JM, Pan IW, Shih YT, Jiang J, Buchholz TA, Giordano SH, Smith BD. Effectiveness of radiation for prevention of mastectomy in older breast cancer patients treated with conservative surgery. Cancer 2012; 118(19): 4642-4651.

Jhaveri PM, Sun Z, Ballas L, Followill DS, Hoffman KE, Jiang J, Smith BD. Emergence of integrated urology-radiation oncology practices in the state of Texas. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 2012; 84(1): 15-19.

Smith GL, Xu Y, Buchholz TA, Giordano SH, Jiang J, Shih YC, Smith BD. Association between treatment with brachytherapy vs whole-breast irradiation and subsequent mastectomy, complications, and survival among older women with invasive breast cancer. JAMA 2012; 307(17): 1827-1837.

Shirvani SM, Jiang J, Chang JY, Welsh JW, Gomez DR, Swisher S, Buchholz TA, Smith BD. Comparative effectiveness of 5 treatment strategies for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer in the elderly. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 2012; 84(5): 1060-1070.

Smith BD, Jiang J, McLaughlin SS, Hurria A, Smith GL, Giordano SH, Buchholz TA. Improvement in breast cancer outcomes over time: Are older women missing out? Journal of Clinical Oncology 2011; 29(35): 4647-4653.



Updated March 7, 2013