Dawen Sui, M.S.

Research Statistical Analyst


M.S. in Applied Statistics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Areas of Interest

  • Biomarker data analysis
  • Design and analyses for behavioral science and epidemiology studies
  • Data management modeling approaches: Structure equation model, multilevel model, Cox proportional-hazards regression model, generalized linear models (logistic regression, Poisson regression and log-linear regression), generalized estimating equations model, generalized linear mixed model, etc.


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Abstracts and Presentations

Chun YS, Wang Y, Gershenwald JE, Ross MI, Johnson MM, Sui D, Liu P, et al. Extended HLA class II region analysis identifies alleles predictive of recurrence in early stage melanoma patients (Submitted Abstract).

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Sui D, Fouladi RT, DeMoor C. Fixed effects in general linear mixed effect modeling in longitudinal studies: bootstrap and modified classical procedures. JSM Statistical Meeting, August 2002.

Fouladi RT, Sui D, Shieh YY. General linear mixed models of longitudinal studies: small samples, varied distributional conditions, and missing data. JSM Statistical Meeting, August 2002.

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Updated March 7, 2013