Information and Computing Services Staff

The Information and Computing Services (ICS) group within Quantitative Research Computing maintains the computing and information processing environment for  faculty and staff and collaborating researchers throughout the institution. ICS also provides system integration services for research projects. ICS manages a heterogeneous operating environment spanning three distinct classes of operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac OS. ICS supports Oracle and SQL databases for data management, as well as open source and Microsoft.NET software development environments. Additionally, ICS maintains over 30 nonstandard server/client and desktop applications.

Currently, ICS manages more than 300 terabytes of storage space for research data and back-up. ICS operates a 48-processor Cray XD1 high performance computing cluster and a batch Condor pool of over 120 Windows workstations for computationally intensive simulations and applications. ICS also provides three 4-processor Sun SMP systems and 10 dual-core Intel processor servers for general purpose computing.

  • Allen Chang, M.S.
    Director, Quantitative Sciences Information Services
    B.S. in mathematics; M.S. in computer science;
    The University of Texas, San Antonio, TX
    Areas: System administration; scientific graphics and visualization software
  • Glen Brosch
    Systems Analyst III
    B.S. in computer science,
    Texas A & M University, College Station, TX
  • Mark W. Ford
    Systems Analyst II
  • David Gutierrez
    Systems Analyst III
  • Sylvain Laroche, M.A.
    Systems Analyst III
    M.A. in mathematics,
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • Paul Van Drunen
    Systems Analyst II
  • Jun H. Zhang, Ph.D.
    Systems Analyst III
    Ph.D. in surface physics,
    Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Sun Solaris Certified Engineer
    HP-UX Certified Engineer