Bayesian Biostatistics Conference 2009

January 26 - 28, 2009
Intercontinental Hotel
2222 W. Loop South
Houston, Texas

Endorsed by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis

Program Co-Chairs

Telba Z. Irony, Ph.D. (CDRH, FDA), and Donald A. Berry, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Program - Day 1

Short Course I: Bayesian Biostatistics

Donald A. Berry, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Short Course II: Bayesian Calculations Using WinBUGS

Gary L. Rosner, Sc.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Keynote Addess: Using Bayesian Models to Estimate Dose Response When Only Treatment Versus Placebo Is Randomized

Donald B. Rubin, Ph.D. (Harvard University)

Discussion Panel

  • Telba Z. Irony, Ph.D. (CDRH, FDA)
  • Donald B. Rubin, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
  • A. Lawrence Gould, Ph.D. (Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories)
  • Gregory Campbell, Ph.D. (CDRH, FDA)
  • Donald A. Berry, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Program - Day 2

Session Chairs

  • Kathryn Chaloner, Ph.D. (University of Iowa)
  • Stacy R. Lindborg, Ph.D. (Eli Lilly and Company)
  • Andrew Mugglin, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)
  • Telba Z. Irony, Ph.D. (CDRH, FDA)
  • Donald A. Berry, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Session 1: Statistical Genetics Applied to Biomedical Studies

Bayesian Modeling of Complex Traits: Diagnostic Versus Prognostic Models

Paola Sebastiani, Ph.D. (Boston University)

A Bayesian Calibration Modeling for Combining Different Preprocessign Methods in Affymetrix Chips (pdf)

Marta Blangiardo, Ph.D. (Imperial College Centre for Biostatistics, United Kingdom)

Bayesian Bioinformatics: Promise and Pitfalls, with Examples

Keith Baggerly, Ph.D., and Veera Baladandayuthapani, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Session 2: Bayesian Clinical Trials

A Case Study Examining the Use of Bayesian Methods for Subgroup Analysis in Clinical Trials (pdf)

David Ohlssen, Ph.D. (Novartis Pharmaceuticals)

Borrowing Strength with Non-exchangeable Priors Over Subpopulations (pdf)

Peter Müller, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

A Comparison of Two Worlds: How Does Bayes Hold Up to the Status Quo? (pdf)

Alice R. Pressman, Ph.D. (Kaiser Foundation Research Institute)

Session 3: Bayesian Clinical Trials: Improving Cancer Research

The Simultaneous Assessment of Safety and Efficacy: An Application of a Bayesian Model to Determine the Optimal Biological Dose in Oncology Phase I Dose Escalation

Stuart Bailey, Ph.D. (Novartis Pharma)

Individualized Patient Dosing in Cancer Clinical Trials (pdf)

Brani Vidakovic, Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University)

An Efficient Randomized Bayesian Phase II Study Design: A Model and a Case Study

Andrew Mugglin, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota) and Nathan Enas, MS (Eli Lilly and Company)

Session 4: Bayesian Methods Influencing Health Policy

Traditional Instrumental Variables Methods Versus Likelihood and Bayesian Approaches for Comparing Antipsychotic Medications (pdf)

A. James O'Malley, Ph.D. (Harvard University)

The Healthcare World Is Not Flat: Understanding Geographical Variations in the Quality of Hospital Care (pdf)

Yulei He, Ph.D. (Havard University)

Bayesian Model Averaging in Meta-analysis: Vitamin E Supplementation and Mortality (pdf)

J. Kyle Wathen, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Session 5: Dose Selection Methods in Bayesian Clinical Trials

An Adaptive Dose Exploration Design for the Estimation of Human Colonizing Dose 50 and Human Colonizing Dose 90 (pdf)

Yu-Hui Chang, MS (University of Iowa)

Bayesian Dose Selection Strategy in Biomarker Trials: A Case Study Using Brain Imaging

François Vandenhende, Ph.D. (ClinBAY, Belgium)

Utility-based Optimization of Combination Therapy Using Ordinal Toxicity and Efficacy in Phase I/II Trials (pdf)

Peter F. Thall, Ph.D. (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Session 6: Bayesian Methods in the Analysis of Clinical Trial Data

Construction and Calibration of Priors for Handling Missing Data in Clinical Trials

Joseph W. Hogan, Sc.D. (Brown University)

Proof by Simulation: A Case Study

Zachary Skrivanek, Ph.D. (Eli Lilly and Company)

Designing Prospective Studies from Positive Subsets

Scott M. Berry, Ph.D. (Berry Consultants)

Program - Day 3

Session 7: Bayesian Decision Theory

Bayesian Decision Theory in Clinical Trial Design and Analysis: The Utility of Utility

David Draper, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Cruz)

A Bayesian Randomized Clinical Trial: A Decision Theoretic Sequential Design (pdf)

J. Andrés Christen, Ph.D. (CIMAT, México)

Assessing Similarity to Existing Drugs to Decide Whether to Continue Drug Development (pdf)

Robert Parker, Ph.D. (Amgen, Inc.)

Session 8: Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trials

A Phase III Cardiovascular Safety Trial Using a Bayesian Adaptive Design

Jason T. Connor, Ph.D. (Berry Consultants)

Case Study of a Maximally Flexible Bayesian Design in Biologics Research with a Skeptical Prior Cox Model-Based Analysis (pdf)

Frank E. Harrell, Jr, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University)

Power Priors for Adaptive Incorporation of Historical Information in Clinical Trials (pdf)

Bradley P. Carlin, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)