Internal Medicine News highlights significant clinical and research accomplishments, as well as employee news, events and recognition. 

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Winter 2015

  • Robert Gagel steps down, David Tweardy assumes DoIM leadership role
  • Division celebrates Gagel's leadership
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • A few words from Dr. Tweardy
  • MD Anderson comparative effectiveness research experts receive key training funds
  • A Spotlight on Research
  • Milestones and Achievements
  • Gagel distributes final faculty awards
  • Employee Excellence in Action
  • Powerful patient stories, education key to Anderson Award speaker series
  • Education exchange brings MD Anderson influence to Vietnam
  • DoIM Quality Improvement
  • GIM project squeaks out a "win"
  • Promotions

Summer 2014

  • Ariza-Heredia and Evans win 2014 Cyrus Scholar Awards
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel: Transitions in the Division of Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine enters the global network
  • 2014 Employee Excellence winners, division head celebrated
  • 2014 Employees of Excellence Awards Nominees
  • An Opportunity to shine a beam of light
  • Kenny Lee pursues new volunteer venture
  • Patient service coordinators offer options to refresh, restore colleagues
  • Williams named 2014 Anderson Idol
  • MD Anderson cycling club supports Texas 4000
  • Team Brazil dazzles at Diversity Festival
  • Shanghai site of SUMO and Ubiquitin conference
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Leadership
  • Five DoIM faculty earn Institutional Research grants
  • Promotions

Winter 2014

  • Duvic dominates field of CTCL discover
  • Dermatology research involves cutting edge studies
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel -- Why is Dermatology important for the cancer center?
  • Mohs Surgery: 'gold standard of care'
  • Awards, program updates featured at faculty townhall
  • A "rendezvous" improves quality of life
  • Graft-versus-Host Disease: Battle of the cells
  • Milestones and Achievements
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Participants world-wide participate in Cardiology conference
  • Going Green in 2014
  • Promotions

Summer 2013

  • Surprise Ending to 2013 Research Retreat
  • Outstanding Employees share spotlight during first Employee Excellence Awards
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel -- The Emergence of DoIM as a Research Division
  • When cancer care hits home
  • Mentoring and New Leadership
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Employee Excellence Awards winners exemplify MD Anderson core values
  • Employees of Excellence Awards Nominees
  • Two DoIM researchers grab Trainee Day Awards

Spring 2013

  • MD Anderson Gastroenterologists -- internationally recognized for specialized clinical care
  • MD Anderson Gastroenterologists and their specialties
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel -- Cyrus Awards stimulate division research interests
  • Cyrus Awards fund DoIM junior faculty research
  • Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition researchers case broad net
  • Collaborative effort to focus on non-cancer liver diseases
  • 2013 Cyrus Scholar Awards Finalists
  • Nurse Practitioners screen, educate, encourage
  • Passion for numbers and people drives Lilly Mbinglo
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Tsai wins Innovator Award
  • DoIM IBT-based researchers collaborate both inside/outside their labs
  • DoIM Research aims to fill Knowledge Gap
  • Sui Zhang wins Distinguished Paper Award
  • Sherrie Flores offers clinical nurse's perspective at workshop
  • Promotions

Winter 2012

  • Infection Control preserves, protects, defends
  • Leendert Keus crafts a study to improve pulmonary patient care
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel
  • In His Words -- A visit with Deputy Division Head Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, M.D.
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Hong to deliver January Research Education Series talk
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Culture Committee fosters employee satisfaction, retention
  • Inpatient hospitalists -- team leaders in acute patient care
  • Mentoring throughout the division -- Faculty and classified mentors offer guidance, encouragement
  • The Utrecht/Urbana "invasion" -- New faculty bring key research and personnel to institution
  • Jackie Garcia -- New department administrator of Symptom Research
  • Internal Medicine departments sponsor key 2013 conferences
  • Faculty members celebrated at townhall

Summer 2012

  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab reaches milestone
  • CPR expertise important for well-being of patients, visitors, employees
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel
  • MD Anderson instructor earns Bone Disease retreat award
  • Tsai and Lu net Cyrus Awards
  • Decision Support Lab earns awards
  • Milestones and Achievement
  • Nyma Shah transitions to new role
  • A visit with Deputy Division Head Ellen Manzullo
  • Roach named a finalists in top nursing award
  • Cardiology CPRIT study targets Topoisomerase II beta
  • From Tel Aviv to Texas: Sara Peleg to retire after successful career
  • Division offers mentoring sessions

Spring 2012

  • Pulmonary Medicine Research pursues discoveries in lab and clinical settings
  • A Few Words from Dr. Gagel
  • Thoracentesis Clinic provides a breath of fresh air
  • Milestones and Achievements
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Weight weighs in on cancer diagnosis and diabetes
  • Team Blue Ribbon recruits record number 
  • Promotions

Winter 2011

  • Endocrine Research: Novel approaches, exciting results
  • A few words from Dr. Gagel: Quality Improvement in the division
  • Nikia Hubert is ... I Am MD Anderson
  • New Leadership
    • Manzullo named deputy division head
    • Helmke accepts division administrator role
    • Bashoura appointed medical center director
    • Atkinson named medicine department administrator
  • Milestones and Achievements
  • Spears nominated for Rogers Award
  • Quality Improvement essential for excellent patient care
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Novel technology undermines infection
  • Recent Happenings
    • Recipe for a creative Fall Festival costume
  • Endocrine Clinic team treats thyroid cancer survivors
  • Sesame Street theme carries food drive theme
  • Upcoming events

Summer 2011

  • Cleeland leads effort to tackle toxicity from cancer treatments
  • Two division groups rank high in US News and World Report Survey
  • Investigators and physician-scientists attend Bone Disease Program of Texas retreat
  • A few words from Dr. Gagel: Division's 10th anniversary
  • Clinical Research coordinators team up to collect symptom data
  • Recent Happenings:
    • 2011 Research Retreat
    • Festival focuses on openness and trust sprinkled with fun
  • New Leadership
    • Kontoyiannis new deputy division head
    • Helmke and Evans temporarily take on dual roles
  • Team Dermatology accepts BeFit pedometer challenge
  • Promotions
  • Spotlight on Research
  • Milestones and Achievements

Spring 2011

  • Meet microbial sleuth Dr. Sam Shelburne
  • A few words from Dr. Gagel: Mentoring
  • New Bone Healthcare Program launches
  • Diabetes consults offered same day or next day
  • New Leadership
    • New Emergency Medicine chair recruited from Albert Einstein College
    • Endoscopy Center gets new medical director
  • Recent Happenings:
    • New Cancer Symptom Science book, first of its kind
    • Interventional Pulmonology in Cancer Patients course held February 10-12
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Promotions
  • Division honors two clinicians
  • Honoring MD Anderson's only diabetes educator

Fall 2010

  • New department, Emergency Medicine, launches in the Division of Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine sub-specialties ranked among best in the nation
  • Going ape over Cardiology
  • Pacemaker and Defibrillator Clinic moves to Cardiopulmonary Center
  • Thoracentesis Clinic coming soon
  • A few words from Dr. Gagel: Mentoring
  • The First International Conference on Cancer and the Heart
  • New leadership - Internal promotions for two department administrators
  • Recent Happenings:
    • Bone Disease Program of Texas honored by National Osteoporosis Foundation
    • Bone Disease Program of Texas raises $10 million for research
    • Gerald P. Bodey Sr., M.D., Distinguished Professor Lecture Series
    • Record participation at annual Research Retreat
    • Discovery Festival brings division together
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Spotlight on research
  • Applauding our outstanding nurses
  • Promotions

Spring 2010

  • How the clinical centers thrive in the challenging economic climate
  • A few words from Dr. Gagel
  • Internal Medicine division administrator retires
  • Cardiac catheterization lab focuses on patient safety, satisfaction
  • New clinical administrative director in the Cardiopulmonary Center, Jeremy Viles
  • Infectious Diseases offers hepatitis C clinic
  • Lopa Mishra, new chair of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
  • Upcoming and past events
  • Research and grants
  • Milestones and achievements, new hires and promotions

Summer 2009

  • The 2009 Division of Internal Medicine Research Retreat and Cyrus Award Finals
  • The Rolanette and Berdon Lawrence Bone Disease Program of Texas 7th Annual Scientific Retreat
  • Road to Resilience: The Division of Internal Medicine 2009 Employee Recognition Event
  • Terry Rice, MD, New CMD of Emergency Center
  • Carmen Gonzalez, MD, Section Chief, Emergency Care, Focuses on Faculty
  • Endocrine Neoplasia and Hormonal Disorders Celebrates National Osteoporosis Awareness Month
  • Noteworthy: Georgie Eapen, MD: Serving Our Patients, Serving Our Country

Spring 2009

  • Jim Yeung, MD, PhD, Awarded $7.2 Million Susan G. Komen Promise Grant
  • Edward T. H. Yeh, MD, Awarded $1 Million NIH R01 Grant
  • Eastern Pain Association Confers Lifetime Achievement Award to Charles Cleeland, PhD
  • Issam I. Raad, MD, and Colleagues Receive 2009 Sepsis Specialty Award
  • MD Anderson Infection Control Practitioners Receive 2009 APIC Heroes of Infection Prevention Award
  • New Technology in Cardiopulmonary Center Enables Safe, Early Diagnosis of Peripheral Lung Lesions
  • Manoop S. Bhutani, MBBS, Selected Eminent Scientist of the Year 2008 by IRPC
  • Thyroid Nodule Clinic Opens March 13
  • Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Clinic Opens January 30
  • The Bone Disease Program of Texas Gets Revised Name, Updated Logo, and New Program Director
  • Noteworthy: Praise for Sean Purnell, Pulmonary Technologist, Cardiopulmonary Center

Summer 2008    

  • GIM, AT & EC: Creating Innovative Solutions to Improve Patient Care
  • Symptom Research Awarded NIH P01 Grant
  • The Cardiopulmonary Center Expands Services and Facilities
  • New Section of Benign Hematology Established
  • The 2008 Division of Internal Medicine Research Retreat
  • Internal Medicine Improves and Expands its Grand Rounds Program
  • The Echocardiography Laboratory Earns the Triple Crown of ICAEL Accreditation
  • Sleep Center Earns Accreditation from American Board of Sleep Medicine
  • DoIM Answers the Call to Improve Customer Service
  • Noteworthy: Bobby Reyes Honored by Alma Mater

January-March 2008 

  • Battling Hyperglycemia in Cancer Patients
  • Endocrine Neoplasia & HD Expands Pituitary Program
  • Clinical Administrative Director and Research Director Join DoIM
  • Roberto Adachi, MD, Confirms Synaptotagmin-2 Hypothesis Through Collaboration
  • Infection Control Practitioners Play a Key Role in Stopping a National Serratia Outbreak
  • Houston CERT Works to Improve Patient-Provider Communication
  • The Cardiopulmonary Center Earns ICAVL Accreditation
  • Conference Coverage
  • Noteworthy: A Good Deed Goes Around the World

Winter 2007

  • Charles Cleeland, PhD, Leads National Effort to Quantify Symptom Reporting
  • Aarif Khakoo, MD, MBA, Becomes First MD Anderson Faculty Member to Receive Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Award
  • Six Women, Three Men Join DoIM Faculty
  • Pulmonary Medicine and Endocrine Neoplasia & HD Host Investigators from Sister Institution Yonsei University Medical Center
  • Serving the Underserved: Doing Well by Doing Good
  • DoIM Dominates the 2nd Annual Clinical Safety & Effectiveness Awards
  • Noteworthy: A Journey to Citizenship

August 2007

  • ID, IC & EH Expands Clinical Services and Programs
  • Awards and Cutting-edge Research in ID, IC & EH
  • The Bone Histomorphometry Core Opens for Business May 1
  • Javier Adachi, MD, Organizes First Peruvian Infections in Cancer Symposium
  • IVR Systems: Real-time Symptom Assessment
  • Faculty to Participate in Anderson Network Conference
  • DoIM Faculty Presentations at 43rd Annual ASCO Meeting

June 2007

  • The 2007 Division of Internal Medicine Research Retreat
  • The Emergency Center Rings In a New Era
  • Evidence for Targeted Therapy Side Effect Management
  • International Panel Issues First Guidelines for Cardiac Monitoring
  • The 2007 Michael and Mariet Cyrus Scholar Awards
  • Rena Vassilopoulou-Sellin, MD, Authors Groundbreaking Book
  • Good Things Come in Threes: The DoIM 2007 Diversity Festival

April 2007

  • Stem Cells Mend a Broken Heart
  • Improving Patient Symptom Assessment: MDASI-HF
  • Cardiology and Oncology Partnership: Bridging the Gaps to Improve Patient Outcomes. February 22-23, 2007
  • CONQUER Cancer: Meeting on Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease
  • MAYO - MD Anderson Symposium: Diabetes in People with Serious Illnesses: Beyond Sick Day Guidelines. February 23-24, 2007
  • The 2007 Michael and Mariet Cyrus Scholar Awards

Fall 2006

  • Expanding Interdisciplinary Care for Cancer Patients with Concomitant Rheumatic or Autoimmune Disease
  • First Sleep Center in a US Cancer Hospital
  • Early Intervention Key for Kidney Problems
  • MAYO - MD Anderson Symposium: Diabetes in People with Serious Illnesses: Beyond Sick Day Guidelines. February 23-24, 2007
  • Cardiology and Oncology Partnership: Bridging the Gaps to Improve Patient Outcomes. February 22-23, 2007

Summer 2006

  • Division of Internal Medicine Research Retreat
  • Conference: Symptoms as Outcome Measures in Cancer Clinical Trials
  • Conference Recap: Third International Conference on Ubiquitin, Ubiquitin-Like Proteins and Cancer

Winter 2006 

  • Pulmonary Medicine on the Move
  • EC Lab Turnaround Project Team - January's Patient Safety Champs
  • Conference Recap: Infections in Cancer Symposium

Winter 2005

  • Strengthening the Commitment to Prevent and Treat Gastrointestinal Cancers
  • Research Spotlight: Department of Symptom Research
  • Conference Spotlight: Oncologic Emergencies (Jan. 20-21, 2006) 
  • Conference Spotlight: Third International Conference on Ubiquitin, Ubiquitin-Like Proteins and Cancer, Feb. 9-11, 2006

Fall 2005

  • Dermatology Offers New Services
  • Research Spotlight

Summer 2005

  • Multidisciplinary Research Programs
  • Conference Spotlight
  • Spring 2005 Service Award

Spring 2005

  • Faculty Spotlight: Mary Ann Weiser, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Applauding Our APNs and PA

Fall 2004

  • Dr. Steven Sherman Establishes Clinical Trials for Thyroid Cancer
  • Welcoming the Department of Symptom Research
  • Physician Scientist Award

Summer 2004

  • Outstanding Inventor of the Year Award - Dr. Issam Raad
  • The Bone Disease Program of Texas
  • The Suspicion of Cancer Program