Ernest Hawk, M.D., M.P.H. is vice president and division head. Dr. Hawk joined MD Anderson in late 2007 after nearly 15 years of service at the National Cancer Institute, including a fellowship in cancer prevention. He received his M.D. from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and trained as a gastrointestinal medical oncologist.  He received his M.P.H. in 1994 from Johns Hopkins University.  His research interests are in cancer chemoprevention, preventive drug development and trial design and in improving the participation of minority and underserved populations in clinical research.  Dr. Hawk holds the Boone Pickens Distinguished Chair for the Early Prevention of Cancer and is a professor in the Department of Clinical Cancer Prevention.
 John Randall, M.H.A., FACHE is the division administrator. He works closely with Dr. Hawk to plan, direct and implement the financial, personnel, patient care, research and operational activities of the Division.  He also provides leadership to the divisional departments and the Cancer Prevention Center.  He was appointed division administrator in 2016 after serving as the department administrator in Lymphoma/Myeloma.  Mr. Randall received a masters in health administration from Tulane University and a B.S. degree in business administration from Louisiana State University.
 Jennifer Tektiridis, Ph.D., C.P.A. is the executive director for research planning and development in the division.  She is responsible for developing and implementing new divisional research initiatives, including the Duncan Family Institute for Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment. She is also acting as the “chief of operations” for the Moon Shots Cancer Prevention and Control Platform. Ms. Tektiridis joined MD Anderson in 2002 as the first executive director for the Gulf Coast Consortia.  Prior to her current role, she was the administrative leader for the MD Anderson Cancer Center Support Grant.  Ms. Tektiridis earned a B.S. in geology and spanish from Dickinson College, an M.S. degree in business from Rollins College and has completed the Ph.D. program in health management at the UT School of Public Health – Houston campus.
 Stacie Scruggs, M.P.H., is the director for research planning in the division.  She manages research information, supports cancer center support grant programs and contributes to the implementation of the division's strategic research plans. Ms. Scruggs joined MD Anderson in 2003 in Behavioral Science.  In 2015, she joined the division office.  Prior to her current role, she provided operational leadership to the Center for Energy Balance in Cancer Prevention and Survivorship.  She received a B.A. in psychology with a minor in Biology from The University of Texas, Austin and an M.P.H. in epidemiology from the UT School of Public Health.

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